First, all four liberated regions voted to join Russia.

This is a huge victory for Russia and a massive slap in the face of the collective West.

By Friday I expect Putin to announce that these four regions will become part of Russia.  Then, early next week the Duma and the Federation Council will deal with this, then it will go back to Putin for a final signature.

In the meantime, it looks like the US Americans are fleeing from Russia “immediately”.  And Blinken continues to spew his grandstanding bellicose bullshit:

The EU and the US have already called the referendums a “sham.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS on Sunday that the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions “will never be recognized” as part of the Russian Federation. He added that Kiev had “every right” to take them back.

The terrorist attack on NS1 and NS2, combined with all the threats and hysterics prove that the entire leadership of the West is both suffering from major butthurt AND in a full panic mode.  The blowback from all this crass stupidity will be nothing short of absolutely huge.

And if the AngloZionists are dumb enough to want a shooting war, Russia will oblige, I have absolutely NO doubts about this whatsoever.

Next, it is now obvious that the Anglos have decided to destroy Europe.  Europe blames Russia in spite of Brandon’s threats and the Polish collective orgasm and “thank you USA!” which the Russians have characterized as “borderline insane hysterical-euphoric reaction“.

Frankly?  I think that both Germany and the rump Banderastan fully and richly deserve such a neighbor.  Bien du plaisir!

This European inability to even mention who the obvious culprit is means that the pain dial on the EU will have to be turned way higher before these delusional and spineless lemmings come back even a basic grasp of reality.  Instead of the Ukraine becoming Europe, Europe has become the Ukraine.

God’s wrath?  Karma?  Blowback?  Whatever you chose to call it, it is already happening.

In the meantime, this made me really happy: “Russian team quits iconic rally after refusing to ‘denounce’ homeland“.  As I have already mentioned many times, I think that Russia ought to withdraw from any and all organizations and events controlled by the AngloZionists.  I hope that more Russian athletes, artists and personalities follow this example.


On a personal note, it looks like Ian will move over our house tomorrow, so we will lose power, possibly for a few days.  I have to articles scheduled to be posted tonight at 2100 (NY time) and that will happen independently of whether I still have power or not.  After that I make no promises, it all depends how we will look by Friday morning.

Our servers *should* be fine, but I might not be able to access them for a few days.

Wind-wise East-Central coastal Florida should be okay, but we are at severe risk of flooding as we had a very wet summer.

If we get flooded I won’t have any time to try to post something.  However, God willing, we will survive this one too (we have already survived 6 hurricanes, including one eyewall (Charley) over our house).

So please say a prayer for us all, or wish us luck :-)

I will try to keep you informed as conditions permit.

Kind regards


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