In this post, I will be very short.

First, the Ukrainian military used a Tochka-U missile to strike at a Nazi deathsquad near Mariupol.  Read all the details here on Andrei Martyanov’s website:

Second, here is a machine translated summary of the day by Boris Rozhin:

1. Kiev. Fighting in Bucha and in the Gostomel area. There are battles to the west of Kiev. Gradually, the city is being squeezed from the east. Chernihiv is blocked. Negotiations are underway on a humanitarian corridor. There are fights in the north of the city.

2. Kharkiv is practically blocked by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The AFU MLRS are actively working from the city, affecting residential quarters of the city, among others. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue their methodical hunt for accumulations of infantry and equipment that the enemy hides in the city.

3. Mariupol. The ring around the city is gradually shrinking. The city itself is physically completely blocked. The Nazis are blocking the exit of the population from the city. The deputy commander of “Azov” informs that the situation is critical and Mariupol is the last obstacle to the creation of a Land bridge to the Crimea. Requests the deblocking of the city.

4. Nikolaev. Fighting for the city. Fighting south of the city. The situation with Kulbakino airfield is unclear: at first it was stated that the Russian Armed Forces took it, and then the AFU were able to recapture it. They write from the places that it was empty at all. The flagship of the Ukrainian Navy “Hetman Sagaidachny” was flooded by the team on the first day of the operation.

5. Energodar and ZAES. The control is finally established. Fighting continues at Vasilevka. The canopies are occupied, which opens up the possibility for a strike on Gulyai-Pole.

6. Izium. Serious fights. The troops are approaching Slavyansk and the Izyum-Slavyansk highway. Krasny Estuary and Yampol are not far away.

7. Severodonetsk. Fighting near the city, the city itself has not yet entered. The prospects for the formation of the Severodonetsk boiler are increasing. Most of the territory of the LPR has already been liberated. It remains to cook the last large grouping of the APU in the LPR in the boiler.

8. Donetsk-Gorlovka. They continued to be subjected to heavy shelling. Destruction and sacrifice.

9. Volnovakha. The cleanup, according to Pushilin’s statement, will take several days. The enemy suffered heavy losses in people and equipment in the Volnovakha area.

10. Transnistria. The APU blew up a bridge on the border with the republic in order to complicate the hypothetical participation of a group of Russian troops in the PMR in the operation to liberate Odessa. No one is still landing naval landings in the Odessa area, although they have been waiting there for a week.

Putin confirmed again today that the operation will continue until the Russian Federation achieves all its goals. There will be no concessions.


In the meantime, the the Kindergarten of the Empire of lies, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wants Putin murdered.

As for “Ze” – yesterday he gave a presser, either high, or drunk, or sick.  Have a listen (no need to speak Russian or Ukrainian to see it clearly)

Clearly, Russia’s defeat is imminent.

Later that night, combats did take place near a major nuclear plant.  Ze accused the Russian of shooting at the nuclear reactors using the thermal imaging of their tanks.  The Ukies also declared that the worst ecological catastrophe was about to happen, much worse than Chernobyl.  They asked the US for a no-fly zone.  Then the local smartphones began showing footage of what actually happened. Also, the authorities running the nuclear power plant denied that there were any fires in the reactors or near the reactors.

So what really happened?

The Ukies did attack Russian forces, who responded by firing a couple of strong illumination flares, then they obliterated the Ukies with direct fire, then the fire department and specialists where given access: only building around the plant suffered any hits, the radiation levels are even a little lower than usual, the situation is under control.

This incident is very telling about how both sides fight this war.

I need to work outside my home today, but I will be back later this afternoon with, hopefully, some interesting developments.


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