Dear friends,

It has been almost a month since you heard from me, so I decided to post a short update.

As I indicated in my initial post, I had to take time off for health reasons.  I don’t think I have any obligation, even implied, to go into details, but just to reassure you, I can promise you that my problems were a common but painful combo of GI issues made worse by simple cumulative exhaustion: fifteen years of non-stop blogging (all on my so-called “free time”) without any real break was not reasonable, and I frankly neglected to take care of my own health.  Anyway, I FINALLY found a competent MD, we did the needed tests, gave me some good advice and I am already on the mend.

Frankly, at 58 I have to be kinder to my body than I was at 20, or else things could get much worse (of course those who hate me would hope me to do the opposite and keep draining myself into the grave).

A happy Saker and his beloved wife :-)

I also decided to take that time off to spend more time with my wonderful family, something I also needed a lot and which I am enjoying every day!  Not only that, but I also do a lot of hiking, biking, swimming, free diving, playing guitar, kayaking, reading and all the other things which I love and which are, as the expression goes, “exactly what the doctor ordered”.

I now realize that during the past 15 years I was like the proverbial “frog in slowly boiling water”, and only “jumping out” of this “pan” made me realize two things: how precarious my position was becoming and how much I needed to “get out” back into some “cool water”.

And I am happy to report that I am already feeling much better than a month ago, so this “therapy” is working miracles :-)

Also, I picked my time very carefully.  Rather than spend HOURS replying to all sorts of emails and questions about the official and terminally idiotic US narrative(s), I just realized that by my planned date of return (August 1st) the reality of things in the Ukraine will be much clearer (except for the truly hopelessly brainwashed folks whom I never considered as my target audience anyway). Mariupol was only the first big crack in the Western wall of lies.  Now the process has begun.

I don’t want to comment about the war itself until my return, but I will just recommend that you listen carefully to what Andrei Martyanov, Bernhard and Gonzalo Lira have to say.  Yes, they all are very different personalities, with very different areas of expertise and even more different styles and personalities.  That is precisely why I recommend this “combo”, because they represent three different but all honest views of this war (which nowadays is an extremely rare phenomenon!).

And, of course, I recommend the guest posts and analyses posted on the Saker blog while I am on break :-)

But there is one REALLY important which this war has already shown: the true faces of governments, organizations, interests groups and even individuals!

Sadly, most of what we discovered (at least I did) is that the West is far more evil, hypocritical and, frankly suicidally stupid then I ever imagined.  Now if you want to call me blind, naive, stupid, pollyannaish or delusional – fine, I will plead guilty as charged: even in my worst nightmares I did not expect such level of truly demonic evil.  I have been saying that the AngloZionist Empire and Russia were locked into an existential war since at least 2013, but I did not expect that the Empire would be hateful and stupid enough to choose to hurt itself much, much more than it would ever hurt Russia.  Now I see that Bertolt Brecht was absolutely correct: “The belly is still fertile from which the foul beast sprang” and Russia will have to denazify not only the Ukraine (which will break up, also exactly as I predicted many years ago), but also the entire West and that means that the entire planet.  I am totally confident that she will succeed, by the way, as many Russians say “we need to truly finish WWII“.

On a personal level, I found out that some of my supposed “friends” were no friends at all: far from showing any sympathy or even understanding for the reasons for my break, they chose to offer their “remote pseudo-diagnostics” and frankly stupid rumors, which used that against me personally and the blog.  Now they have to live with themselves, and I don’t envy them as they barked up a caravan which has long passed them: enjoy the dust!

But much more important, to me, was the real outpouring of kindness and support from many HUNDREDS of people, under my original post, by email and even by wonderful letters and cards, sometimes from people who wrote to me for the first time!  I cannot put in words who touched I am by such an outpouring of kindness, all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I wish I could do that personally to each one of you, but I physically can’t.

As the French say, “it is in shitty situation that you see your true friends“.  Only one month has passed since I took my break, but I am already much “richer” for discovering that I had many more friends and supporters than I ever imagined.  I am deeply grateful for that!

Okay, that’s all on my end.  I just want you to know that both me and the blog are doing fine, there is no reason at all to worry about either one.  As for me, God willing, I will come back with my “batteries” fully recharged for the next phase of this war – the denazification of NATO and the EU (which I personally expect to probably begin even before that).  That third phase will also combine elements of economic, informational and “kinetic” warfare, what the actual ratios will be is anyone’s guess and I won’t hazard one here (at least not now).

For those who have written to me to tell me that they miss my analyses, I want to say this: I ask for your patience as time will pass quickly and I will be back pretty soon already, and in much better shape than when I took my break.

Now I leave you in the kind and trusted hands of my small but wonderful “Saker team” to which I am also immensely grateful for everything they are doing (which is A LOT, more than you can imagine or I can say).

Hugs and cheers to all,


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