by Aram Mirzaei for the Saker Blog

It has become clear by now that Washington is seeking yet another war in the region. The Zionist servants in Washington have made great efforts this year to “put pressure” on the Resistance axis. They have for months raised the stakes with their aggressive rhetoric about the “outlaw, terrorist supporting Iranian regime”.

The “maximum pressure” campaign escalated in 2019. Washington declared IRGC a terrorist organization, putting it alongside the Islamic State and Boko Haram. This designation provides Washington with a legal basis for attacking the IRGC, according to the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, a legislation originally written to provide an excuse for the invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11.

Continuing on their path from last year, with the US withdrawal from the JCPOA (Nuclear deal), “maximum pressure” campaign by the White House, Treasury Department, and State Department accelerated this week with the announcement that the United States would force China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey to cease all imports of Iranian oil or face severe U.S. sanctions. The said goal is to cut to zero all of Iran’s oil exports. According to arguably the biggest and most despicable idiot in Washington, Mike Pompeo, this is aimed at forcing Iran to “behave like a normal country”. A normal country? What exactly is a “normal country?” Is that a country that has capitulated and accepted humiliation? A country that has given up on its independence and does everything and anything Washington orders them to do? Are Saudi Arabia and Israel “normal countries?” They know as well as we do that this maximum pressure campaign won’t lead to the Islamic Republic’s capitulation, but it could very well lead to war.

To support their claims, Idiot Pompeo and his friends in Washington are selling the idea that Tehran is in league with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, because they really can’t come up with other examples of HOW Iran actually supports terrorism, which it in fact isn’t. In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Idiot Pompeo said: “Today we ask the Iranian people: Is this what you want your country to be known for, for being a co-conspirator with Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda?”

It really doesn’t matter for the large and vastly ignorant population of the US that Iran is actually a Shia nation with a longstanding hostility towards Terrorist takfiri outfits such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Nor do they remember that Trump, the White House fool himself correctly claimed during his presidential campaign that Obama created ISIS in Syria.

Washington and its Zionist masters in Tel Aviv aim to provoke Tehran into a first strike so that they have not only legal basis for an attack on Iran but also the legitimacy to engage Iranian targets.
Tehran has threatened to block the strait of Hormuz if Iran is not allowed to use it, and Washington has vowed to respond in such a case. You can see where this is going.

Disinformation from within is on the rise as the Syrian fuel crisis reaches new levels

Simultaneously with Washington’s aggression towards Iran, US sanctions on Syria have also accelerated. Washington’s economic siege of Syria is supposed to apply pressure on the Syrian government to return to the Geneva peace process. This is a very sick and ironic policy of Washington’s as it is Washington and its vassals that have for 8 years claimed that the Syrian government engages in “siege and starve tactics” to subdue its population. As a result of Washington’s blockade on Syria, the country is facing its worst fuel crisis for many years. It has been clear for long that the Zionist Empire and its vassals cannot win in Syria, as their influence over the course of the war has been fading ever since Moscow stepped in four years ago, so now the policy has shifted from fighting to achieve victory, to obstructing any kind of victory for Syria and her allies, resorting to obstructing any kind of resources or help from entering the country. This was clear when Washington threatened to sanction anyone who would dare to help in Syria’s reconstruction, and the fact that Iranian oil shipments to Syria are blocked at the Suez Canal. So what is it that Washington really is going to achieve here?

The only result of these sanctions, and any of Washington’s sanctions for that matter will be a prolonging and worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The Western media are quick to spin articles on how Syrians living under President Assad are getting fed up with the government, while the actual case, as in the case of Iran, is a growing animosity and awareness towards the despicable sanctions that Washington and its allies impose on them. Because who really suffers from these sanctions imposed on Syria and Iran? Is it the government or the people that can barely even afford to buy bread anymore?

The fuel crisis has however created another situation that gives cause for a bigger concern than what the Zionist empire is plotting. Scrolling across Twitter, I stumbled upon an article written by Andrew Korybko in which he questions why the Oil-Rich Russians aren’t providing Syria with fuel amid this fuel crisis. It’s a fair question in my opinion but his explanation is somewhat troublesome and even worrying. Korybko wants to portray this crisis as an opportunity for Moscow to politicize the situation and compel Syria into submission. Moscow is supposedly withholding any kind of help for Syria in an attempt to push Syria to accept Moscow’s draft constitution and push Iran to withdraw from the country, thus leaving Moscow as the sole power in charge of Syria. Korybko explains this move as Moscow’s “revenge” for Assad’s supposed “humiliation” of Moscow when his government refused to implement the Russian written draft constitution in 2017, something that Putin allegedly has “never forgotten”. Korybko argues that “every one of the many growing differences between Russia and Syria can be traced back to that moment when Moscow caught Damascus completely off guard by presenting this surprise document to it at the same time as it gave this proposal to the so-called “rebels” that also attended the event, which was an unthinkable affront to Syria’s dignity and “face” even though it was “well-intended” and meant to revive the stalled peace process.” Why would Moscow wait two years before it decides to “punish” Damascus for refusing this offer? In these past two years Moscow has helped to liberate more than half the country since those days in early January 2017. Korybko fails to offer any further explanation for this claim.

Korybko then moves on to claim that the September incident in which Zionist planes caused Syria’s air defence to accidentally shoot down made Putin “so furious with Assad” that he refuses to speak to him and instead dispatches Defense Minister Shoigu to deliver messages. This is quite a bizarre way of seeing it. Putin is not known to be an emotionally driven politician that would let his feeling guide his strategic choices. What sort of evidence does Korybko have for this very bold claim?

Korybko then speculates that the latest message could have been a “reminder” about President Putin’s insistence that Assad complies with the constitutional changes that Moscow presented two years ago. Korybko finishes his article with a final speculation that Moscow could even seek to replace Assad for his insolence.

Firstly, I must say that Korybko seems to be on a mission to connect Putin with the Zionist empire, in doing so he seems to forget that Moscow is not Washington. Yes, Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah share different goals and interests that sometimes come into conflict with each other, but Korybko seems to forget that this is how true alliances work. Washington has no allies, it has vassals and slaves, we should never forget that.

Secondly, why on earth would Moscow after 8 years seek to replace Assad? This would be absolute madness on Moscow’s part. But lets play with the idea that this was the case, who would they replace him with? Who else would guarantee that Syria doesn’t fall into the hands of Washington’s cut-throat friends? That would be counter-productive for Moscow’s efforts these past 4 years on the ground. Korybko fails to answer this.

Finally, if Putin really was angry with Assad over the September incident, why would he publicly lay the blame on the Zionist state? He didn’t shy away from holding Erdogan personally responsible for the shooting down of the Russian SU-24 back in late 2015.  Instead Moscow immediately gave Damascus the S-300 missile system and began training Syrian forces on how to use it.

The biggest danger of disinformation campaigns does not come from the mainstream media in the West, but from people who supposedly stand on our side.

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