Historically, Russia’s big wheels turn slowly, almost invisible to the naked eye, but they do turn and grind anything getting between them into fine dust. On November 24th something extraordinary has happened, the big wheels of Russian bureaucracy moved with a pace of an Olympic sprinter banned by IAAF. Keeping fingers crossed, maybe we witness a new age of the Russian statehood, when things that need to be done get done immediately, if not sooner.

For the Turkey shooting down the Russian SU-24 on Syrian territory SITREP please read the following:

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident “a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,” and warned it would not go unanswered: [source]

The West immediately and predictably placed blame for Turkey’s attack on Russia itself. After Turkey shoots down the Russian bomber that was conducting an operation against terrorists groups, the European and American tabloids called it “Russian aggression.” Britain’s foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has accused a Labour MP of being an “apologist for Russian actions” after questions were raised in Parliament about Turkey’s reliability as a British ally, etc, etc.


We will shoot down more Russian planes, because it’s self-defense
If Russia shoots down our plane over Syria, it’s an aggression
It’s Assad who sells oil with ISIS, not Turkey.
Russia has to keep economic ties with Turkey, because Putin is the “murderer” of our ISIS brothers.
Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, (MIT), in a statement, apparently fabricated by someone else, said that ISIS is a reality, and they ask the international community to legalize it and to establish the ISIS consulate in Constantinople, so it will be easer for them to recruit new fighters.
Erdoğan warns Russia not to ‘play with fire
Repost from todayszaman.com
Have Turkish “security forces” just joined the Islamic State?

Why did Turkey shoot down a Russian Air Force jet?….Krasukha-4
“Turkey is so militarily inferior to Russia that it is unlikely Turkey would commit an act of war against Russia without encouragement from Washington. We might think that Turkey would feel shielded by NATO, but it is doubtful that many European members of NATO would risk nuclear annihilation by going to war with Russia in order to save Turkey from the consequences of an act as reckless and irresponsible as shooting down a Russian military aircraft and proceeding to lie about it. Turkey has issued no apology and no believable explanation. Unless Erdogan has lost his mind, Washington is behind the shooting, and the reason is Washington’s desperation to decode the new Russian technology that gives Russian forces total control over a battlefield, whether on land, sea, or air.”

The British

We play a small but important role in this conflict; someone has to make sure that when the ISIS is driven out of Syria (by the Russians and the Syrian Army) a transitional government if formed without Assad, the Syrian Army and the Russians. We, the British, will form this transitional government with the Syrian opposition that currently fights alongside with ISIS. Right now we just want to bring as much harm to the Russians and the Syrian Army as possible.

Not to be outdone by the West in hubris, doublespeak and hypocrisy, the Turkish officials went on the record by delivering a series of self-righteous and delusional statements. You almost can hear their militant wives urging them, “go, tell these Russkiis what you think about them!” These militant Turkish women even took it to the streets, carrying the defaced portraits of the Russian president made by the British tabloids in 2014 at the time of MH17 downing by the Ukrainians. The same freshly printed blown up portraits showing Putin with blood coming out of his mouth and words “murderer” this time in Turkish language.

If you don’t know what had happened, you would think it was the Russians, who shot down the Turkish jet, not the other way around.

The Turks killed out servicemen and they called us murderers for killing their brothers in ISIS.

The following day, without expressing any regret or apology, Turkey’s new Energy Minister Berat Albayrak said “jet incident won’t affect energy ties with Russia.

“In the heat of the moment, without all the information, it would be wrong to make unguarded statements,” Albayrak said at his swearing-in ceremony in Ankara. “We have close friendly cultural and economic relations with Russia not only in energy, but also across other economic sectors. I am not pessimistic about our energy relations.”

The minister assured the Turkish people that they should not fear the coming winter due to concerns that Russia could halt economic cooperation.

Why is the Turkish minister so convinced that the Russian government would ignore the attack on its military and the threats of future attacks, and continue to provide Turkey with the comfortable level of energy and the same steep discount that was agreed upon assuming that Turkey was an ally of Russia? Why would 5 million Russia tourists keep coming to Turkish resorts that were built for them and spend $10 billions per year? Why would the Russian government hire Turkish construction companies for multibillion dollars projects? Why would people tolerate the Turkish markets in the hearts of Russian cities?

The answer might just be Ukraine. After Maidan, Turkey developed very close relations with the Kiev junta, including having their trained militant groups fighting with Russians in Donbass, and also aiding and abetting to the group of noisy beggars that call themselves “fighters for freedom of the Crimean Tatars.” Who are, by the way, terrorists by the definition of the US Department of Homeland Security. They destroyed civilian infrastructure that affected the lives and safety of million of people and made threats to damage more, like to cut the electric cable being pulled over the Kerch Strait to Crimea.

Ukraine is the reason why Turkey attacks Russia’s military and believes that it won’t change anything in the economic relation with Russia. After all, up until recently, Russia’s government had been forgiving of the Ukrainians for all kind of threatening, abusing, insulting, even murderous behavior.

If Ukraine can do it, why can’t Turkey?

I can name a couple of reasons, one being that the Ukrainians are our brothers and we still hope that after a brief period of Western-manufactured nationalism and extremist insanity, they will return to mother Russia’s warm and nurturing bosom. And of course the fact that for the past 500 years there were at least 13 wars, including World War I, between Turkey, Ottoman Empire, and Russia. Of course, one might say that the most of those wars were facilitated by the British Empire and the French Republic in their quenchless quest to pillage the Middle East and to destabilize the Russian Caucasus. Someone had to pay for Versailles, Louvre and adventures in the Americas.

The Russian response

Following the Turkish attack, on November 24th, writing on Twitter Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament’s international relations committee, said: “Ankara clearly did not weigh the consequences of its hostile acts for Turkey’s interests and economy. The consequences will be very serious.”

Turkey relies on Russia for almost 65 percent of its energy imports. In 2010, the two countries signed an agreement under which Russia’s Rosatom will construct Turkey’s first nuclear power station at Akkuyu.

Russian gas makes up for about 43 percent of the Turkish market. Last year, Russia supplied 27.4 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas to the country, primarily through the Blue Stream pipeline that passes across the Black Sea. The two countries agreed to increase the supplies of the Russian gas to 30 billion bcm due to Turkey’s growing energy demand, especially in the winter months.
The consequences that Pushkov mentioned have materialized immediately.

November 28th, 2015 – Executive Order on measures to ensure Russia’s national security and protection of Russian citizens against criminal and other illegal acts and on the application of special economic measures against Turkey [source]

a) Ban on or limitation of foreign economic operations envisaging the import to the territory of the Russian Federation of certain goods originating from the Turkish Republic as listed by the Russian Federation Government (except for goods imported for personal use in amounts established by Eurasian Economic Union regulations);

b) Ban on or limitation of certain types of work (services) rendered on the territory of Russia by organisations under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Republic in line with a list established by the Russian Federation Government;

c) Ban for employers, contractors of work (services) not listed by the Russian Federation Government to employ as of January 1, 2016, citizens of the Turkish Republic who are not bound by employment and/or legal civil contracts with the said employers on December 31, 2015.

d) To suspend the visa free agreement.

e) To suspend the sale to Russian citizens of products that envisage visiting the territory of the Turkish Republic.

Also, to introduce a ban on charter flights between Russia and Turkey;
to enhance control over the activity of Turkish trucking companies on the Russian territory to ensure security;
to enhance control at ports and ensure the transportation safety of Russian seaports in the Azov-Black Sea area, including the prevention of the illegal presence and movement of marine and other vessels within the waters of Russian seaports.

The Government was also given instructions to submit proposals, if necessary, regarding changes to the duration or nature of the special economic and other measures envisaged by the Executive Order.

The Executive Order comes into effect on the day of its official publication and remains in effect until the special economic and other measures established thereunder are cancelled.

Dmitry Peskov, an official spokesman for Russian President Putin, stated that Russia was not introducing a trade embargo against Turkey. Yet, Russia is taking additional measures to control Turkish goods in connection with increased risks of various extremist manifestations, Peskov said.

“There is no embargo being introduced, but as various manifestations of extremism are increasing, we are taking additional control measures,” Peskov said, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, this is a natural reaction, “especially in terms of unpredictable actions of the Turkish Republic.”

When asked about a possibility for Turkey to prevent Russian vessels from passing through the Bosporus to Syria, Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow was counting “on the inviolability of standards of freedom of navigation through the Black Sea Straits.

Other measures taken from November 24th to November 27th 2015

1. Russian border control stops processing goods from Turkey coming via Georgia.

2. Russia places ban on Turkish produced that NATObots are already christened a “lettuce embargo.” We have already seen in Poland, Spain, France and the Baltics how the produce ban from Russia angered large segments of the population who stood to lose their livehood.

3. At time like this all eyes are at Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya
Kadyrov made a statement of his Instagram account, because that’s how he communicates with the millions of his followers.

“Enough leniency to those people, who leave to join the terrorists.”
He stated this at a meeting with the heads of the Special Forces in Chechnya.
“We can’t always try to convince and to show leniency. The stories that they have been duped are nothing but a joke. These people start “seeing the light” only when they smell gunpowder. It’s hard to trust this kind of enlightenment. I invite the participants of this meeting to stay vigilant, and to guide your servicemen to do the same.”

According to Kadyrov, anyone who supports the ideology of ISIS (ISIL, Daesh) is the enemy of the Russian people.

“The terrorists from Syria commit all the evil that has happening in our land, including the arson of the ziyarat or a tomb of a popular local Muslim dervish and a teacher Hodja Yangulbi in Kurchaloe (Янгульби хаджи Курчалойский (Дохтукаев)) in November 15th, 2015. Four young Chechen men converted to the takfiri ideology of ISIS went to the mausoleum of the respected local 19 century saint and burned it. Video

“Those shaitans are also based in Turkey. We will be fighting against them no matter where they are,” concluded Kadyrov.

Representatives of the Ministry of the interior assured the President that the units are in full combat readiness and are capable to realize any task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Also, Kadyrov noted that in the 19th century Turkey cheated by inviting tens of thousands of Chechens and then welcomed them with severe living conditions.

GROZNY, November 28. /TASS/. Leader of the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has accused Turkey of assistance to terrorists and refuted the allegations that the Turkish always provided help to the Chechens.

“I have been an object for reproaches that I am against Islam and am supporting the infidels,” Kadyrov said on a social network on Saturday.

“I love facts so I am asking a question: when, where and how has Turkey helped Chechnya and my people? Show me a single school, a hospital, a kindergarten or a mosque built as a gift to Chechnya! Give me one example!” Chechnya’s head asked rhetorically. “Yes, you have helped the Wahhabis, terrorists and raised money for them. You gave medical treatment and holiday-making accommodation to [the terrorists like] Udugov, Umarov and Basayev. They and their accomplices used to organize terror acts and kill Chechens. Is this your help?”

Kadyrov noted that in the 19th century Turkey cheated by inviting tens of thousands of Chechens and then welcomed them with severe living conditions. Five years later, half of them died while attempts to return to homeland “were cut short by gunfire.”

“Nowadays Turkey has become a base for recruitment and dispatch of terrorists to Syria,” Kadyrov said. “Bandits from all over the world are passing via Turkey. But the very few are detained. Turkey does not struggle against the ISIS (former name for the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization outlawed in Russia)! The country does business with them, buys oil and allocates money to Islam foes that kill thousands of Muslims. What is more! Who backed the authors of caricatures on the Prophet in Paris? And I condemned in a very tough manner the magazine and gathered over a million of people in Grozny who voiced a resolute protest heard around the world.”

Kadyrov said that even if “the Earth burns to ashes” he would not make a single step against Islam. He pledges to be the Wahhabis’ enemy and says has sworn to fight against them throughout his lifetime.

“Russia is home to 30 million Muslims,” he said. “It is our Fatherland! And the downed plane is ours! And the pilot is ours! And you know that Russia is home to millions of Muslims. Then why did you shoot down our plane? Why did you murder our pilot who fought against ISIS protecting the Muslims? And because of your consent and indulgence the West has destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya. Now tell me what are your reasons to blame me of being against Islam? I am a defender of Islam! While the Turkish leadership goes on helping to destroy Islamic states and peoples.”

4. Citizens of Crimea burned an Edrogan’s dummy made of straw

5. Rosselkhoznadzor (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance)
Sends back to Turkey 54 tones of poultry. [source]

6. Russia to introduce the global sanctions against Turkey [source]
The direct loss of revenue for Turkey is expected to be about $50 bln. The indirect damages could reach 10 times that.

7. Preparation of the law on the Development of Tourism in Russia

Russian reaction in brief:

• Putin scolds Turkey in front of the Ambassadors – Video
• Russians respond to Turkey’s “stab in the back”: immediate reaction [source]
• Somebody’s oil is about to be spilled over [source]
• Latest news on SU-24
• Putin blasts Erdogan for friendship with ISIS, vows to revenge for Russian blood [source]
• Russia launches economic war on Turkey [source]
• Terrorists who killed Russian pilot were killed on Friday 27th [source]
• The revelations about Turkey involvement in supporting the ISIS
How Turkey Exports ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence

Russian Military Actions against terrorist groups in Syria

Russia’s operations against terrorist groups intensify
Aftermath: Cham countryside of Idlib bombed by Russian warplanes.. destorying supplies trucks coming from turkey [source]  [source]

The Russians are really serious about cutting off aid to the terrorist…
Massive Russian artillery fire in Syria
Razing the area where the plane was downed, and the pilot killed 25/11/15
Original description google translated : Witness the moment of the fall of the cluster rockets on the village of Cairo Easy (شاهد لحظة سقوط الصواريخ العنقودية على قرية القاهرة سهل)

Russian Military Raises the Stakes in Syria: S-400 Anti-Aircraft Missiles Arrive in Latakia [source]
Four days after the Turkish Air Defense shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter jet over the Latakia Governorate’s northern countryside, the Russian Federation has finally responded to this unwarranted aggression by delivering several S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to their military personnel that are currently operating inside Hmaymim Airfields in the Syrian coastal city of Jableh (Latakia Governorate).

This news comes after a number of pictures from the Syrian port-city of Latakia confirmed the arrival of several S-400 anti-aircraft missiles.

The S-400 missiles were specifically delivered to the Hmaymim Airfields in order for the Russian Air Force to respond to any potential threat that may endanger the lives of their military personnel and military assets around the Syrian border with Turkey.
Turkey has attempted to ease the tensions with the Russian Federation; however, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed his discontent and aggravation over this attack.

President Putin has ruled out any possible military confrontation with Turkey over this deliberate attack on the Russian fighter jet; but, it appears his words struck a chord with the Turkish regime as many members of Recep Erdogan’s cabinet have issued their apologies to the Russian Federation over the death of their Air Force personnel.

Breaking: Syrian Army Advance in Daraa City as the Islamist Rebels Retreat South [source]
Source: almasdarnews

For the fans of Rostislav Ishchenko

1. Ishchenko: A change in global leader takes place in Syria -October 15th, 2015 in English

2. Who rules Turkey? Nov 27, 2015 in Russian

Ishchenko: Ankara, just like Tbilisi in 2008, expected the US to step in and protect them. Just like in 2008, Washington stepped aside and pretended that whatever happened was no concern for the US.

The US facilitated an unnecessary, bloody anti-government coup in Ukraine trying to get Russia involved into the terrible war with Ukraine. That didn’t happen. Instead, the Kiev junta started an endless war on the people of Ukraine.

It means that in Syria, Washington has not expected Russia to immediately attack Turkey. However, the US government’s plan is to carve out rich with gas and oil territories of Syria, Iraq and Turkey and to create a phantom state, Kurdistan, with the government fully ruled by Washington. The US Senate cannot openly support the separatists against the NATO member and “ally.” So, the US decided to create the situation where Kurds can come to Russia and ask for support and arms and to receive all these elements to avenge Turkey’s aggression.

Who else would be interested in division if Turkey? Who wouldn’t?
Greece wants to avenge the victims of the Smyrna Massacre and to return Constantinople.

Armenia wants to avenge the victims of the Armenian genocide and to return Mount Ararat and its regions lost to Turkey in 1922
after the Bolshevik revolution and the Allied countries war on Russia in 1918-1922

The question is who will be the main benefactor of the war on Turkey? It’s not guaranteed that the greater Armenia or the greater Greece would be the allies of Russia. Also, Kurdistan run by the US will most definitely be an enemy to not only of Russia, but also Iran and Syria.

We have to expect more provocations against Russia in Syria, Ukraine and in the Baltics, as attempts to pull Russia into a full scale war. For Edrogan, just like for Poroshenko, escalation towards the war with Russia could help the dictatorship and fight with the separatism and growing poverty. It’s possible that Poroshenko and Edrogan will coordinate their efforts with Washington and attack Russia simultaneously from two fronts. The dream of Washington pulling Russia into the war with Ukraine and with NATO (Turkey) might just come true.

Ishchenko believes that the world war will take place. The US will be pushing into the collision with Russia and sacrificing more and more of its allies. It just a mater if Russia decided to accept this scarifies and when.

3. Rostislav Ishchenko: The US set Turkey Up 27.11.2015 in Russian
Same as above. The US plan is to create Kurdistan with the Russia’s help, and to come in as a peacemaker and to steal the victory from Russia.
And finally the question that everyone is asking, Will Russia nuke Turkey?
Russian military analyst on possible war with Turkey and NATO behind it

Mikhail Alexandrov, leading analyst of the Centre for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO, expressed certainty that in case of a war with Turkey, Russia will immediately use the nuclear weapon against the strategic targets in Turkey and not against the densely populated areas.

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