Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the new Doctrine of Information Security of Russia, according to a decree published on the legal information portal Tuesday.

the Information Security of Russia (in Russian)

This extremely important for the country’s new doctrine comes on the heels of the US and personally by VP Biden threats of “devastating” cyber attacks against Russia’s strategic infrastructures.

After the US department of State threatened Russia with “retaliation” and attack on the Russian’s banking system, the FSB published on its official site a sensational warning about the US attempts to destabilize the entire Russian financial system and banking. It was on December 2nd. The attack was announced to take place on December 5th.

So, on Monday December 05, the US State Department promised a crashing DOS attacks on Russia’s banking system.

Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cyber security company, detected and cleaned the US planted viruses out. Viruses were sitting on the disks produced by the Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba. Kaspersky investigated and found that Iran had the largest number of computers infected by the US reporting spy malware. Next was Russia,  Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.

Kaspersky refused to name the country that developed malware, but stated that these viruses are very close to the Stuxnet, that was used for a cyber attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. According to Edward Snowden it was Israel and the United States that created the Stuxnet.

According to some members of the US government and military, they were prepared for a “complete domination” over the world by hacking computers everywhere. They probably would, if it wasn’t for the best cyber security company in the world, Kaspersky Lab.

Russian special forces become invisible to thermal cameras with new camouflage paste Mist-1. It also heals wounds and repels mosquitoes. It’s hypoallergenic, and stays on skin for up to two weeks without any side effects.

On December 2nd, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held teleconference with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces.

The conference participants discussed modernization of processing line of the Krasmash Company, implementation of the State Defence Order by plants of the Joint Shipbuilding Corporation, and installation of infrastructure of military formations, which had been formed in the Southern and Central military districts.

A profile of Nadejda Durachenko, one of two nurses killed in the attack on Russian field hospital in Aleppo.

Nadejda (in Russian, hope) came from the family of a military doctor. She grew up in Khabarovsk, and graduated from Birobidzhan College of Medicine.

After 17 years of working as a nurse for the department of neurosurgery at a local hospital, she was offered a job for a military hospital. After five years of working for the military she was one of the most qualified specialists to be deployed to Syria. This should be her second deployment. She was married, with one daughter.

She was killed while assisting the first pediatric patient, a Syrian toddler. Apparently, a child also died in this attack.

However, even in this tragedy Nadya’s relatives found a silver lining. They said that at the time the Western coalition coordinated attack, more children were supposed to be in the hospital, but their bus broke down on the way there.

Another nurse, who died was Galina Mihailova, also from Birobidzhan.

An injured pediatrician is the chief pediatrician of the Ministry of Defense Vadim Arsentiev. He is a professor of the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, the oldest school of military medicine in Saint Petersburg and the Russian Federation.

He was transported to the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after NN Burdenko



On this December 3rd video, the Russian medics arriving to Syria. According to this video report, the majority of Russian medical personnel in Syria are women.

These are the same Russian doctors who were bombed by the US SOF

Bulletin of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (December 4, 2016)

More Russian humanitarian aid arrived to Syria on Dec 3rd. 280 tones of food and necessities.

Syrian people tried some new for them food, like  Kasha (recipe here) and Tushonka (recipe here)

No Russian military campaign was ever won without a hearty meal of kasha and tushonka.

meanwhile, the Western media feed people with different products


The second time in three months a faulty arresting gear on the Admiral Kuznetsov caused a loss of a jet.

What kind of Russians are needed in Russia?

24 year old Philip Verichenko from Dusseldorf, Germany has become a winner of the job seekers competition for the post of the director of the Chechnya’s Strategic development Agency. Verichenko, a graduate of the University of California and a manager of a company in Germany, has developed a comprehensive development plan and submitted it for a  job competition that was run by Kadyrov personally on the Russian TV.

Ramzan Kadyrov stated that all of the finalists will stay and work in Chechnya.

How to reunite the world’s biggest divided nation

What kind of Russians are needed in Russia? According to the author, Russian community’s attitude to the Russian people living the west of Pskov is generally very negative.  With a few exceptions, it’s difficult for people living abroad to repatriate to Russia.


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, consecrated the Holy Trinity Cathedral at the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Centre in Paris on Sunday. It’s just yards away from the Eiffel Tower

With unfading Russophobic fever, the West media calls new Cathedral, “a Putin’s project,” “a Putin’s church”  and “a Russian spy hub.”

Compare this to the way they call an American Cathedral in Paris: “a place of transformation.”

Video of the full two hour ceremony

‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (EXCLUSIVE)


Videos of meteor explosion over Siberian city, turning night into day

Russian Flying Tractor Racing 2016 – Offroad Race – Bison Track Show – Russia


A Russian tow truck

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