Translated and subtitled by Leo.

Russia started to give a rebuff to Israel for their constant dragging into Syrian affairs. Russian electronic warfare capabilities being located in the Middle Eastern country is hindering the work of the Tel Aviv airport, claims one of the Israeli TV channels. The stated Israeli media is also mentioning that the Russian military has taken control of the Latakia port, depriving in these ways the Israeli aircraft capabilities from attacking this facility.

The situation in Syria has long ago left the first headlines of the world media, but this does not mean at all that in the same country there is nothing going on. The geopolitical game on the Middle Eastern Front continues, and Turkey is not the only one that participates against Russia: Israel, which is interested in threatening the extension of Iranian influence in Syria, constantly intervenes by going into the territory of their neighboring nation. They act as though they have an indisputable right to do airstrikes on targets in the territory of Syria, and not have any consequences for it. It looks like in Moscow, which is thoroughly solidifying in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, has had enough with restoring their old overspent position on Tel Aviv.

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Russia has used their radio-electronic warfare systems against the territory of Israel. These actions have paralyzed the airspace of the country and the work of its largest airport. Israeli TV channel, Kan 11, has informed that pilots of an airline have had issues with their GPS working. Also, the interference happened with passenger liners where landings were being prepared in the Ben Gurion Airport. It is alleged that this kind of effect is made by a radio-electronic warfare system, which Russia has posted in the territory of Syria.

Source – Voyenoye Delo: “Israel has already informed the Russian side of the damage and paralysis of their airspace. Some Israeli experts considered the use of electronic warfare equipment as a signal from Russia and others as a response to airstrikes in the region that are attributed to Israel.”

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This is not the only action of our homeland’s troops on the mentioned airstrikes. At the end of January, another Israeli media also confirmed that Russia interfered with the actions of the Israeli Air Force on the Syrian port of Latakia.

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As is shown in the Debka publication, the Russian Army has posted their Military Police forces in the Syrian port of Latakia. In the words of the journalists, this was done today only 48 hours after the announcement of a joint-patrol with the Syrian Air Force between the Golan Heights border area and Euphrates river. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a unit of Russian MP have been deployed at the container zone of the port. Why are they controlling the whole area?

Source – Voyenoye Delo: “The publication Debka reminds us, that the Israeli Air Force previously carried out two airstrikes on this zone in the Syrian port of Latakia. However, due to these strikes, it will include the presence of the Russian military at the facility. It is reported that Israel was not notified with these steps of Russia in Syria. Although, as the authors of the material note, the two countries have a joint mechanism for coordinating actions.”

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The mechanism is there, but the Jewish government is using that mechanism very selectively. Basically coordinating their actions whenever it is convenient for them. Israelis in 2011 got used to doing whatever they considered needed in Syria, and it is no secret that they were one of the beneficiaries in their neighboring country’s civil war; supporting a few factions of local militants. In any case, no matter how much Tel Aviv tried making itself appear like a fluffy white bunny, played the role as one of the aggressors in the slaughter, which then activated the terrorists of banned organizations such as ISIL. All in attempts in reaching their geopolitical goals of dismembering Syria. After the [2015] Russian intervention and turning point in the war, the plans of Israel naturally fell apart. In addition to this, Tehran, which openly threatens to destroy Israel, was able to greatly strengthen their influence in Syria: creating the so-called Shia Crescent from Iran to Lebanon.

The airstrikes which the Israeli Air Force conducts in Syrian territory is aimed at the proxies of forces that are controlled by Iran. However, with conditions of geopolitical confrontation over the transition into a multi-polar world order, Iran speaks as an ally of Russia, against the West as a whole, and the USA in particular. As for Israel, it’s one of the proteges of America. You can say, Washington’s favorite wife in the Middle East. In any case, this was the way it was under Trump. Now of course the influence of the Israeli lobby on the White House has weakened. But to write off this lobby from accounts is too early.

It turns out that Israel, let it be like when Vysotsky sang about how they are 1/4th of our former people [who became immigrants], by constantly interfering in Syrian affairs is objectively playing against Russia. Which of course should not go on without consequences. The Israeli pilots already once put a Russian plane under Syrian Air Defense fire. (Where 15 Russian troops died from an Israeli F-16 evading a Syrian S-200 missile in 2018.) This should not repeat a second time. If the achievements of this goal causes problems for landing planes in the Tel Aviv airport, then, what can we do. We are very sorry, but no more. We’ll see how strongly this will affect the vaunted army defense of Israel when they will systemically be interfered with not by the Syrian, but Russian military.

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