The situation is getting very serious. I cannot fathom what Obama thinks he is doing, my only conclusion is he is so far from reality he really has not a clue. Since a very great deal of this aggressive noise is emanating from The Pentagon one can only conclude that Pentagon is doing what Obama wishes, if they were not he has the power to cashier them instantly. He has not cashiered any officers and has not said a word of what looked like almost a soft coup by Pentagon against Washington, ergo there is no ‘soft coup’, Pentagon is following orders albeit with alacrity.

In my opinion this whole mess started over Sevastopol. Sevastopol was the prize, the goal of the coup in Ukraine three and more years ago. From Sevastopol, the planned base of an American Black Sea Fleet, Russia would have lost her lake and access, however tenuous, to the Med and Europe and her fleet would have been defacto destroyed without a shot being fired, caught between the American presence in Krimea and Sevastopol and a resurgent Gruzya with another American Navy base, effectively surrounding the Russian Navy base in Novorossisk.

Well, Sevastopol turned out to be a tough nut to crack. The citizens took up arms and negated any plans America had for the city and peninsula, much to the rage and frustration of Washington. This rage is ongoing today and is doubled by Russia frustrating the plans of Washington to take Syria and fragment that ancient country in to little fiefdoms that would be easy to manipulate as massive pipelines were built through what was Syria to take the oil and gas from Saudi et al directly to Europe, effectively destroying Russia’s supplies to Europe and hopefully destroying the Russian economy. That hasn’t worked either, Russia went in to Syria at the invitation of the legal government of Syria and saved that sovereign nation by the skin of it’s teeth. Literally within a few weeks of Russia’s presence in Syria if that presence had not been accomplished Syria would have fallen completely.

Today the threats emanating from Foggy Bottom are getting ever more strong and vitriolic. Threats are being promulgated about ‘no fly zone’s’, attacks on Syria Armed Forces, Russian soldiers coming home in body bags and Russian planes being shot down in Syria. Let me ask this simple question. Who has the right to be in Syria, Russia assisting Syria defeat a civil war started, supported and commanded by an outside source, or US et al who were neither invited nor welcomed in Syria and have no national or international mandate to attack and destroy Syria?

Now, for a little history lesson for those in Foggy Bottom, Berlin, Paris and London.

  1. Napoleon picked a fight with Russia, in particular the Czar, and gathered a huge army, the largest the world had seen at that time, that was about 35% French and 65% European, European either press ganged or joining the army willingly. How many months later was the Russian Army in Paris? All those little hills alongside the road of retreat of the ‘French’ army between Moskau and Vilnius are the burial mounds of the soldiers, literally hundreds of thousands of them. There is still an island in the Berizina River formed from the corpses of dead French soldiers swept off the rickety bridges thrown across the Berizina in the attempt to escape the Russians.
  1. Germany returns Lenin et al to Russia in a closed and guarded train to the Russian border. February 1917 the revolution in Russia is successful and SSSR was born. Germany lost the first war, the War To End All Wars. All European participants in that war except America were exhausted and some ceased to exist. However, after patiently waiting for another generation of young men to grow to maturity the second round of the War To End All Wars commenced. This time, after unbelievable sacrifice Russia was in Berlin and stayed there for 45 years. The German army, and its allies, are buried in mass graves from Stroganoh just outside of Mockba to the Elbe. 35,000 of them and their allies are buried just south of Yalta Ring in Sevastopol in the German Cemetery, to this day maintained by the Federal Government of Germany.

This is the fate of anyone who attacks Russia. Your army will be in mass graves from Mockba all the way to the English Channel and beyond but in the end you will lose and your armies will perish. Yes, you have the toys to kill us in our tens, our hundreds of thousands but you will not get one square centimeter of Russian land. Perhaps you should look to your west, look at the Bering Straights. Think about that and understand that Russia is the master of Winter War.

Leave us in peace because Peace is all we desire. But if you want war you will get war and a war you cannot comprehend. Russia will destroy you, pure and simple. You can not win.

Thank you for your time,



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