Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia is “stronger than any potential aggressor” because it has modernized its nuclear missiles and other forces. He also said the US withdrawal in 2001 from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty had “created the conditions for a new nuclear arms race.”

Putin: “Dear comrades,(Уважаемые товарищи) Russia is stronger than any potential aggressor

The US Department of State immediately went into an overdrive trying to proclaim that the US military is stronger than Russia’s defense forces. The Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded by saying that President Putin said any “potential aggressor” and unless the US sees itself as an aggressor it should just shut up.

On December 23rd, as an annual tradition, before the New Year, president Putin met with journalists to answer their most urging questions.

Putin talks arms race, US election & Syria ceasefire in year-end Q&A (IMAGES, FULL VIDEO)


The US president-elect approved his administration’s list of potential threats, and Russia in not on it.

Russia won the 1st World War of 21st century, and the collective West lost it. Talking about losers, I don’t even mean the US or Germany,  it’s the deep state, the supranational proxy government, that has lost. People who work for the deep state and benefit from it, live everywhere. They live in London, In Washington and in Moscow. They are those who bite into carotid arteries of nations and suck the living lights out of all of us. They are those without nationalities, morals, and religion. They like to call themselves “world elite,” which is contradictio in adiecto, because there can be only national elites. Any supranational ruling class placed in the position of a national elite causes depravity, dearth, and eventual death of all nations.

The US has about 200 nuclear missiles on the territory of Europe, their flight time to the border of Russia is less than 10 minutes. Those are modified weapons located on the territories of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. But the most troubling is the deployment in Poland of interceptor missiles on the base in Redzikowo, and in Romania, the deployment of the ballistic missile defense system Aegis Ashore, including radar, a control center, and mobile battery MK-41 of the missile-interceptors SM-3. “All of these create a special problem for Russia, that cannot be ignored,” Sergei Shoigu said at the Defense Ministry Collegium on Dec. 22, 2016.

On Thursday, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the final Collegium of the Russian defense Ministry announced that the implementation of the Armed forces by the instructions of the President for neutralizing cruise missiles “Tomahawk”  has been completed.  (these missiles are believed to be able to be placed in close proximity to the Western borders of the country).  What measures Shoigu had in mind, speaking about the fact that Russia is now ready to neutralize the threat of “Tomahawks,” is not being reported.

They have lost, but the armies which were supposed to die for them, the US and NATO armies, they are not potential aggressors any longer. Their Anti-Missile systems have been neutralized. All of it, including those on their aircraft and battleship. They can be turned off from the distance… stations and all.  Our favorite president was pleased.


However, the deep state is not surrendering yet. On Friday December 23rd, Obama signed a “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act that was adopted by the US Congress on Dec 08, 2016.

In essence this legislature imposes the US domestic legal system on every single person on earth and makes it potentially very expensive to use any US based financial institution.

“The United States Congress passed historic legislation empowering the U.S. government with the authority to place sanctions on corrupt public officials across the world who misappropriate state assets (what state?) as well as anyone who attacks journalists and human rights defenders.”

The Global Magnitsky gives the US President standing authority to impose sanctions on non-U.S. citizens guilty (?) of corruption or gross human rights violations perpetrated against whistleblowers. Global Magnitsky also enhances congressional involvement in the designation of individuals to be investigated for human rights violations, and helps to ensure that U.S. financial institutions are not complicit in supporting those profiting off of atrocities.

Just in and this explains why the “Global Magnitsky act” is needed so urgently

Exiled Ukraine Parliament Member: I Witnessed Presidential Corruption

Alexander Onishchenko: “I am an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament, and I personally witnessed President Poroshenko engage in corruption on a massive and unprecedented scale.”

“As a Ukrainian citizen, it was and remains my duty to voice these misdeeds and crimes by the Ukrainian government, because they will not only destroy public confidence in our government’s institutions, but they also threaten regional security. The time has come for the rest of the world to call for reform, instead of turning a blind eye to these crimes and atrocities. We cannot allow President Poroshenko to continue the same practices that his predecessor President Yanukovych started. The time to put an end to these lies is now.”

The US wants to try to recover the IMF money stolen by Kiev authorities.

Also, it might to do something with the nationalization of Privatbank.

Privatbank was a recipient of IMF loans. Money reportedly had vanished.

The U.S. Is ‘Missing’ Millions in Ukraine

BREAKING: IMF Officials Helped Steal Ukraine Funds – US Investigating

Now, Kiev regime bailed out Kolomoyski and took on $5.7 billion deficit that the population of Ukraine will be paying back to IMF and other investors.


In 2017, Putin and Trump will dismantle the UN.

But, before the UN goes down in history, the UNSC passes resolution demanding end to Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land

Adoption of Resolution 2334 (14 yes, 1 abstention – USA) results in sustained applause in the Security Council chamber.

Obama’s refusal to veto UN resolution against Israel is latest shameful chapter in Obama presidency. US has no stronger ally than Israel.” tweeted Liz Cheyni, an the elder daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Investigation into the murder of the Russia’s Ambassador has just started, we have already seen some results.

According to Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, Mossad plotted Russian envoy’s assassination in Turkey.

“This is a typical move by third-party elements such as the Israeli Mossad and [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu or genuine ISIL sympathizers to trigger an alienation between Russia and Turkey,” Bennett told Press TV on Wednesday.

Russian Military Police Battalion arrived to Aleppo Syria

to protect safety and order in the liberated city.


The UN approved a draft resolution on the Use of mercenary forces and the Right to Peace

The Committee approved a draft resolution on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right to self-determination.

With 117 votes in favour to 50 against, with 6 abstentions.  Among other things, it would have the General Assembly call upon States to take legislative measures to ensure that territories under their control were not used for — and their nationals did not take part in — the recruitment, assembly, financing, training, protection or transit of mercenaries.  Slovakia’s representative, speaking for the European Union, explained that the bloc had voted against the draft because it would add private security firms to the mandate of the Human Rights Council’s Working Group on those issues.

The representative of the United States,  described The Right to Peace, as a veiled attempt to stifle human rights.  Nonetheless, the Committee approved it by a recorded 116 votes in favour to 34 against, with 19 abstentions. Iran’s representative said the right to peace was a prerequisite for the enjoyment of human rights by all peoples.  Other speakers, including the representatives of Canada and Japan, objected to the draft.

I think that the question of the use of mercenaries and private military companies will be very hot in 2017. As I wrote before, private military companies and mercenaries are prohibited in Russia.

More on the related issues of the mercenaries see:

Ramzan Kadyrov called “unprecedented insolence” an article about the murder of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation

Grozny, December 22. The head of the Chechen Republic strongly criticized an article by an American journalist Gersh Kuntzman, who expressed satisfaction with the murder of the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. According to Ramzan Kadyrov, the author glorifies terrorist who killed the Ambassador.

“Neither the author of the libel Hersh Kuntzman, nor the editor of the newspaper don’t feel guilty,”  said Kadyrov on his Instagram page. It is an unprecedented arrogance, lack of the slightest sign of compassion for human grief, public support of terrorism.”

The head of Chechnya said that true Muslims around the world reacted to the vile murder of Karlov with righteous anger.

News in brief

  • On December 18th, grateful Russia celebrated Stalin’s birthday

5000 RED CARNATIONS FOR Stalin on his birthday Dec 18

The Tekhnodinamika Group, part of Russia’s state hi-tech corporation Rostec, is developing a parachute for low-altitude jumps, the group’s press office said.

The Shturm parachute that lacks a parachute pack deploys safely at an altitude of 80 meters. In future, the parachute will allow performing safe jumps from an altitude of 50 meters. The future parachute will allow the Airborne Force to effectively suppress hostile weapons.

  • Interesting news reported by the local people, not by media. Two days ago all 800 Ukrainians migrant workers who were going across the border from the Kherson region to work for Crimean TITAN chemical manufacturer in Armyansk, which is a large titanium dioxide producer, were fired. They received two months’ severance packages and were told not to come back.
  • To refresh your memory on some issues of the deep state:
  • the US & EU Power Structure
  • How ‘Obscure’ US Bureaucrats Foment Wars
  • How the myth of American “exceptionalism” is perpetuated
  • Is allocation of Developed vs Developing permanent?
  • The West had a perfect plan, until Russia interfered and everything went horribly wrong
  • Aleppo international airport opened



On December 14th, a cheap performance played out in Uman, where “unknown” persons spread some paint and left a pig’s head in some unidentified room. This was reported as “terrifying anti-Semitic attack.” Two details tell me that this was done by someone close to a synagogue. First, there isn’t any swastika on the walls. Second, they carved swastika on a dead pig’s head, which a real Nazi would never do, they would carve a star of David.

More on the situation in Uman:

and prior to Euro-Maidan here

Ukrainian news in brief

  • Just to remind you who are those who made Maidan possible, those who call themselves Ukrainians patriots and whom we call Ukro-Nazis.

Meet Nathan Hazin: a citizen of Israel, served in Tzahal. Took part in the war on Donbass, a commander of one of the armed punitive battalions, an executioner of Russian people, a founder of Azov armed formation.


US-made Raven RQ-11B mini-drones offered to Ukraine as part Washington’s military aid are useless for combat missions in the east of the country, as forces in the self-proclaimed republics can easily intercept or jam their analog video and data feeds, Reuters said.


Donbass SITREP will be posted separately


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