The upcoming Russian parliamentary elections

President Putin made an appeal to the citizens of Russia to come out and vote. Considering that he is our commander-in-chief, his words are the command for all.

In terms of getting familiar with the political parties in Russia, I recommend this basic outline of the major political parties in the following article in RI translation:

Duma Elections 2016: Putin Majority Will Win, Liberals Won’t Make It: Break Down Party by Party

Russian society is getting prepared for the elections in ways that have become routine for a country fighting “warm” war with multiple unified enemies.

Last week, FSB arrested a Police Colonel, after searching his car and finding ten million dollars inside. Then they searched his sister’s apartment and discovered about $140 million in cash. Then his father’s work in banking revealed that he had about $300 million on the accounts in his name in German and other European banks.  The Colonel was also a head of the federal anti-corruption unit.

There are several working version where the money came from. Considering that the almost half a ton of dollars was still wrapped in US Mint plastic with US Mint barcodes on the packaging,  it’s not very plausible that it was a result of bribes accumulated over the years.

Most likely, the Federal Police colonel was a cashier for the US Embassy’s funds distribution with the intent to pay to the anti-Russian opposition, and the potential perpetrators of  Maidan-style civil disobedience after the elections. Because all those fervent fighters for “Western democracy” want to be paid and won’t  fight for free. Unlike, say, the Saker’s editorial team.

Here, you can see an official image of the money allegedly directed to finance the “uprising against the Russian government.” In a way, it’s a modern version of a sealed wagon with Lenin and other anti-Russian “revolutionaries” travelling from Europe and the US to start a bloody revolution.

Interestingly enough, some of the anti-Russian liberals immediately announced that they won’t be able to continue “fighting” in the upcoming elections because their donors suddenly said that they won’t be able to “donate” any funds for fighting with “Putin’s regime.”  This “coincidence” hasn’t gone unnoticed, and invariably caused a wave of happy and incredibly funny comments in the Russian blogosphere.

On Thursday, a group of a couple hundred men tried to cross Russia’s border with Ukraine into Russia. They claimed Moscow as their destination and reported that they were coming with the intent to work. Which is perfectly fine and legal. Up to 6 million Ukrainians work all over Russia in construction, oil and gas industries, road and bridge construction. This particular group of men couldn’t specify where they were going to work and didn’t have enough money to live even a day in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The Russian custom officers recommended them to go back and find work at home.

Considering that these two hundred men were trying to get to Moscow in time for the election, it’s not too farfetched to assume that they could be going there to take a part in a “Maidan” that the US and European organizers have been planning with such insistency.

What’s interesting that the customs service acted in accordance to a 1996 law, which is well known. It’s application has never caused any Ukrainian and liberal Russian media’ outcry before.

According to some “insider” information, in a battalion of potential gastarbeiters there were at least two dozen military servicemen known to fight in the so-called “ATO” in Donbass. And they were coming from a town called Summu, which has been known for overwhelmingly voting for fascist Nazi parties of “Svoboda” (Freedom) and the Right Sector.

For the brainwashed Western viewers nothing would spell an “anti-Putin uprising” in Moscow better than several hundred war-criminals from Ukraine burning tires and shooting at the police and innocent Muscovites.

Opinions on the Russian blogosphere are unanimous. Everything has to be done to prevent a potential terrorists and provocateurs from getting to the territory of the country.

People, however blame the EU and Yatsenuk, a bit. Yatsenuk for escaping to the US with billions stolen from the state budget that would be used to build a tall wall between two countries, and the EU for not giving the visa free regime to the country of glorious democratic maidans.

In any case, it looks like a job well done by Russian border control.

To get a sneak preview of what the Ukrainian terrorists would be doing in Moscow, here is a video of them attacking the Embassy of Russia in Kiev.


Immediately following an attack on the Russian embassy, someone or something blew up a Ukrainian foreign legion command center on the NATO occupied territory of Donbass near Donetsk.  Most likely the one that coordinates daily shelling of the civilians living in Donetsk people’s Republic.


It was Cat Motya who gave the best answer to the question of how to maintain peace and tranquility of the post-election society.

He wrote:

“Blessed are lounging on couches, because theirs is a peaceful and prosperous country.”  

He also advises everyone go and vote for the pro-Putin candidates, and after casting their ballots to come back home to have some coffee, kielbasa and sausages, and cakes and nuts drizzled with chocolate. After that he recommend to sit on a couch and watch TV for election updates. This way people won’t get in the way of the Police, OMON, National Guards, and occasional anti-terror unit chasing the bad guys around the Kremlin, or the city halls in some other Russian cities.

He wrote also to stay home and not to respond to anyone’s calls to go on the streets. The only call we as the citizens have to respond to is the call of our President to go and fight the war against the enemies of Russia. This call would come in the mail as a military summons. Then and only then we will get of the couches, and we will leave our houses, and we will go out to stomp the enemies of Russia. Until then, we will stay comfortably on our couches to guarantee the country’s stability.

“Let the Police handle it.” This was said by Dr. King, but it fits the occasion.

Meanwhile in the EU and US

 “I have never seen anything worse than Switzerland in my life”

A terrifying and humorous account of the Russian liberals’ adventures in Europe that is summoned by the phrase “We are in hell.”

Turns out that Russians criticizing WADA commit a crime

This week world woke up to the news that American Olympic athletes are terminally ill people.

There is no illness that would demand a woman to take male hormones.

WADA got punished by Fancy Bears


Americans have built a system designed to hand all the prices in sports, finance, economy, politics to them. Meanwhile, Russia and China are building an international system designed to benefit all its participants.

Trains have started arriving taking the new Silk Road path from South China to the Russian Kaluga Region near Moscow.  Kaluga is located 150 kilometers southwest of Moscow.  [source]

Overall, it takes 16 days for a freight train to get from the South of China to Moscow. [source]  [source]

Back in February 2016 trains started arriving from China to Iran

Also, around same time the first Silk Road train arrived from China To Russia

Time in travel is 30 days shorter than by sea.


When Ukrainian ideological leaders with Galician roots say that all throughout centuries while being a part of Russia Ukrainians did nothing but work to destroy Russia, it sounds like they want to steal the thunder from the Jews, who claim the same thing. But when you see this kind of videos, you start believing that they might be saying the truth.

While Russians build superb weapons, beautiful cities, the great empire, Ukrainians “modernize” them.

A video demonstrates a good old Kalashnikov machine gun PMK, “modernized” by someone in the Ukraine’s defense sector.


Compare the above miracle of the Ukro-land engineering with the real Russia build Kalashnikov


Other Russian military news

The ministry of Defense revealed the progress in organizing a new Army in the Western Russian regions

Russian MARS (MAPC) is a soundless robotic infantry vehicle which is able to function independently, to design its own path while delivering ammunition, and other supplies and relocating injured to safety.  It also has a “follow me” capability and will follow at the distance a person with a transponder.

The Russian Mars is a significant improvement against the Western unmanned robotic platform Raider II, R-Gator A3, SMSS, CAMEL because Mars is equipped with the unique rubber caterpillars instead of wheels that allows them to drive anywhere, while the Western robotic platform can only be used on paved roads. Hehehe…   [source]  [source]

Launch of Topol from Plesetsk

On September 9, 2016 the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful launch of a Topol/SS-25 ICBM from the Plesetsk test site. According to the Ministry of Defense statement (on Facebook!), the warhead reached its designated target at the Kamchatka Peninsula. The launch was part of a Strategic Rocket Forces exercise.

One of the objectives of the test, along with “confirmation of the technical characteristics of the missile,” was a test of prospective combat payload and missile defense penetration aids.” This is somewhat unusual, for normally tests of this kind are conducted along the Kapustin Yar-Sary Shagan corridor (the most recent one took place in December 2015).

The distance from Plesetsk to Kamchatka is about 6000 kilometers, from Plesetsk to Tel-Aviv – 4520 kilometers.

Rostech created a storage for super-large amount of information

Military drills “Unbreakable brotherhood-2016” in Belorussia


Technical equipment of the Russia’s special services during an anti-terror operation in Mahachkala Dagestan


Beautiful video illustrating the power of the Russian military forces

In addition, the Russian military forces have entered the information war, as reported by Zvezda (Star) a Russian military news channel. A brand new anti information warfare group has been created during the recent  drills Kavkaz-2016.

It is known that the “Kavkaz-2016” was a practice of preparation and application of armed forces of the South-West region in the context of protection of the territorial integrity of Russia. According to the planed maneuvers worked on securing the state border, on isolating the areas of operation of illegal armed formations, and also on the resolution of the internal armed conflict.

Speaking about the actions of the anti information warfare group, Valery Gerasimov praised its performance, noting that the new department includes experts from the GRU, an information warfare centers, from the military districts, as well as the military radio-electronic warfare specialists and service of protection of state secrets or the Federal Protective Service (FSO).

The Chief of the General staff of the armed forces Valery Gerasimov, speaking some time ago at one of the meetings of the Academy of military Sciences said: “In the XXI century there is a tendency to erase a divide between war and peace. Wars are not declared, and when they start, they develop without a pattern. Any prosperous country in a few months and even days can turn into an arena of fierce armed struggle, to plunge into chaos, humanitarian catastrophe and civil war”.

This speech of General Gerasimov later became the basis of his article “The value of science in prediction”, where he stressed that “the emphasis of warfare methods is shifting towards the broad use of political, economic, informational, humanitarian and other non-military measures implemented with the aim to ignite the protest of the targeted population. All these is being complemented by military measures in disguise, including the implementation of measures of information warfare and the actions of special operations forces”.

Other news in brief

The EU has announced its intent to organize its own armed forces. As expected, the US has started to use the occupied parts of the USSR like the Baltics, Ukraine, Moldova, to fight the European plans for “common military force.”

American occupational forces are feeling heat not just in Europe.

‘Crusaders! Infidels! Dogs! Get out!’ American-backed rebels force US commandos to leave Syrian town

It looks like after the peace deal with Russia, the US tries to remove their support of the terror groups fighting with he Syrian government. That’s why they staged this verbal assault on the US military specialists.

Meanwhile the US spy planes  P-8A Poseidon twice, on Friday and on Saturday harassed the Russian airbase in Syria. Acting in direct violation of the legitimate US government’s agreement of cooperation in Syria with Russia, some Pentagon officials demonstrate daily how deeply divided and uncontrollable to its own government the US military has become.

The world is really facing a creeping military revolt against the legitimate US government. I don’t understand why nobody talks about this. I can’t think about any other modern military forces in the world that would show such an open defiance to its own commander-in-chief orders.

US & US-controlled forces haven’t fulfilled any Syria ceasefire deal obligations – Russian Army

Should we start treating the US military forces around the world as being uncontrollable by the US Federal Government?

If this is the case, should the Eastern democracies start treating the US military around the world as an illegal armed formations?

Of course, it’s habitual for the US to attack anyone who has an agreement with them, and I am not talking about the US plans to nuclear bomb its ally the USSR at the end of the WWII.

The Prime Minister of Turkey just made a statement that they know about the plans to destroy Turkey following the scenario that was used to destroy Syria and Iraq. “They try to realize the same plans they used to destroy Iraq and Syria,” he said. “the entire 79 million population of Turkey is well aware of these plans.” He has not specified who exactly wants to destroy Turkey.


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