It is regrettable that the law on sanctions against Russia has come into effect in the United States. Its very title – “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” – speaks for itself. Its initiators are trying to impress on the US public a certain image of our country. This is a very short-sighted and even dangerous policy fraught with undermining stability for which Moscow and Washington bear special responsibility.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed the Russian position on US actions, including this bill, in its statement on July 28. We have also already demonstrated that we are not going to leave unanswered hostile actions, including the expulsion of our diplomats by the US authorities and the seizure of diplomatic property. Naturally, we also reserve the right to other countermeasures.

It is high time the American fans of sanctions, which have plunged the United States into Russophobic hysteria, got rid of their illusions and realised that no threats or attempts to exert pressure will compel Russia to change its course or sacrifice its national interests.

Trading barbs is not our choice. We are open for cooperation with the United States in the spheres where we consider it useful for ourselves and international security, including settlement of regional conflicts. However, productive cooperation is only possible if Washington politicians overcome their delusions and stop perceiving the world around them through the prism of “American exceptionalism” that is distorting reality.


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