Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo.

The Russian Navy organized training exercises in the center of the Pacific Ocean for the first time in recent history. On June 21, our Pacific Fleet deployed up to 20 vessels and the same amount of aircraft for the training. By the way, take note of the maneuvers’ date, on the eve of the Memory and Mourning Day when our people remember all those who perished as a result of the treacherous attack by the Western ‘partners’ on the USSR.

Russia has long made itself into a ship distributor, strenuously modernizing its navy and upsetting its geopolitical adversaries with that. Navy ships don’t get launched in order to rust at the pier, as is customary in the ‘independent’ Euro-Ukria. The Russian sailors keep training constantly in the near combat conditions, in order to be able to repel the aggressor, in case of an attack on our country, regardless of whether such an aggressor attacks from the de-facto occupied by the US European Union or from another Eastern direction.

Source: RIA News – “Combat vessels of the Pacific Fleet, together with the navy aircraft, are conducting naval exercises in the central part of the Pacific Ocean for the first time in recent history. The exercises take place in an area situated 2.5 thousand miles (approx. 4.6 thousand kilometers east of the Kuril Islands.”

As our fellow countrymen joke, 2.5 thousand miles east of the Kuril Islands is almost Hawaii. It is obvious that the ocean regions in question are those that the USA has been regarding for a long time as the exclusive zone of their interest. Now Russian missiles and aircraft are flying there. Naval vessels are also sailing over there.

Source: RIA News – “The exercises brought into play up to 20 surface vessels, submarines and support ships. The Flag Ship of the Pacific Fleet Missile Cruiser ‘Varyag’, the Frigate ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’, the Corvettes ‘Aldar Tsydenzhapov’, ‘Sovershenny’ and ‘Gromky’, as well as a submarine are taking part. Additionally, the exercises involved a number of the Naval Aviation Tu-142M3 anti-submarine aircraft that undertook a 14-hour flight to the overall distance of 10,000 km. Overall 12 aircraft are involved in the exercises. Apart from the Tupolevs, these are Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft, MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors, an IL-78 refueling aircraft and deck helicopters Ka-27.”

The program for the training is also worth a note. Our Defence Ministry is not trying to conceal whom the sailors are training to sink.

Source: RIA News – “The vessels and aircraft have already worked through a few tasks, namely, destruction of an aircraft carrier strike group of a mock enemy, as well as a mock cruise missile strike on the enemy’s onshore targets.”

Which openly hostile towards Russian state cuts the waves of the Pacific Ocean with its aircraft carrier strike groups? There’s only one – the USA. Other aircraft carrier groups exist in possession of the British sworn ‘partner’s and of the French ones. But those don’t poke their heads into the Pacific Ocean. And we are not in conflict with the Chinese who build aircraft carriers at a higher rate. It is very significant that the training began on 21 June, on the eve of the most tragic date in our country’s history when we remember everyone who gave their lives in fight with Hitlerism. Now Hitlerism has been de facto rehabilitated in the territories of the independent limitrophe states that diligently serve the USA. The SS veterans march in the Baltic states. Recently in Kiev, the presidential guard regiment took part in a funeral service for an SS member.

“In the Ukraine, the former member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the SS Division “Galicia” (both organizations illegal in Russia) Orest Vaskula was buried with presidential honors. This is not a figure of speech. The regiment of the presidential guard named under Bogdan Khmelnitsky took part in the ceremony.”

With the background of the blunt resurrection of Nazism under the patronage of the State Department, the exercises of the Pacific Fleet in the zone of American geopolitical interests hints, as it were, to the Washington hawks who lost the last sense of reality: Russia will not allow the tragedy of 22 June 1941 to be repeated. The means for that are available. Late in May, the media wrote about the alarm in the USA caused by a discovery of a foreign drone, presumably the Russian device ‘Poseidon’ capable of causing a tsunami by an underwater nuclear explosion and washing away the American coastal cities.

In a word, welcome into the multipolar world, America, who is used to moving its troops to the borders of others but who is not used to military exercises of other countries near her own border. Russia has returned to the great geopolitical game and continues increasing its weight. And the dollar printing press turned to max power is not helping the Americans to reduce their arrears in armament, despite the fact that their military spending is comparable to the Russian and Chinese spending combined.

Source: RIA FAN – “The combined defense spendings of Russia and China have increased the military budgets of the USA, stated the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. Senator Jim Inhofe cited this reason for the need of greater military spending in the United States. According to him, the buying power of currencies must be taken into account during drafting the budgets. As a result, it turns out that the CPR spends $604 billion dollars and Russia spends around $200 billion.”

Where is the limit of increase? The USA have already spent $780 billion dollars on defense in 2020. It didn’t help. The Americans still could not design a breakthrough weapon. While Russia did it. The hypersonic missiles can be deployed next time during the exercises somewhere near Hawaii. On which occasion I congratulate us all, dear fellow countrymen. The Pacific Ocean is ours.

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