Sevastopol was founded by an order of the Empress Catherine II of Russia who founded port Sevastopol in 1783 near the Greek settlement Hersoness, that was founded in 529 A.D. In time of Byzantine empire, the town’s name was Herson, or Korsun as Russians called it.

The frigate “Ostorojniy” “Vigilant” was sent to find a place for a port. It’s commander the Captain of II rank Ivan Bersenev sailed around Crimea and chose the best place for a Russian fleet.

Ivan Bersenev and his expedition to explore coast of the Crimean peninsula in the years 1785-1787

The first scientific description of the Crimean Peninsula by Russian navigators of the XVIII century

Sevastopol 2016 Aerial view

Crimea: Road to the Sea

Sevastopol 1916 winter reconstruction

“Sevastopol_3D_history” – Life of the city, 1914

Sevastopol; Victory day parade May 9th 2014

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