10 largest cities in the biggest country in the world

10 Most beautiful cities in Russia

10. Krasnoyarsk
9. Rostov-on-Don
8. Sochi
7. Novosibirsk
6. Kaliningrad
5. Nizhny Novgorod
4. Yekaterinburg
3. Kazan
2. Moscow
1. Saint Petersburg

Russia’s top 10 Best Places to live, work and study (with some humor)

10. Orenburg. Founded in 18 century as a fortress, the town turned into the center of trade routes from Russia to Asia.
9. Novosibirsk. The third largest city in Russia. Founded at the end of 19c. One of the largest industrial and scientific centers in the country
8. Krasnoyarsk. It is the third largest city in Siberia.
7. Yekaterinburg. Founded in 18 century it’s one of the largest industrial centers in Russia. City’s population enjoys one of the highest level of education in the country.
6. Chelyabinsk. A metallurgy capital of Russia with one of the highest level of median income.
5. Saint Petersburg is one of the best megalopolises in the world in terms of education, medical care, culture, and urban safety.
4. Krasnodar. The city was founded in the end of the 18 century. One of the best Russian regions for business, with the lowest level of unemployment.
3. Kazan, one of the largest in Russia centers for education, sports, industry, science, and tourism.
2. Moscow
1. Tyumen, an oil capital of Russia. The best education, and the highest median income.

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