By Aleksandr Khaldey
Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard
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In the war between Russia and the Anglo-Saxons all the tricks of our enemies happen because of a certain political course that, under Vladimir Putin, is being gradually embodied by the Russian political government. This course is shortly expressed as the gradual squeezing out of the West from spheres representing basic importance for it. This squeezing out is not a whim or avidity, but a vital need, that’s why Russia will follow this course regardless of the one who leads it.

Since the military power of Russia doesn’t allow the enemy to use military methods to push it back, the West uses all the other things at its disposal – diplomacy, finance, special operations, and propaganda. It in order to provide a complex of measures to push Russia back, the Anglo-Saxon elite uses the principle of provocation, where a crime is organised and then attributed to Russia, and, under the control of dependent pseudo-expert and information structures, statements about Russia’s guilt are spread. On the basis of these charges, a number of aggressive strategies are put to work that couldn’t have legitimate justification in the opinion of public opinion of the West if it wasn’t for these provoked pretexts.

One of such crimes organised for the purpose of informationally and politically ensuring a whole cascade of aggressive measures against Russia in all spheres – from military to information and economic – is the poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter by gas, the production and delivery of which to the territory of Britain is attributed to Russia. As Britain can’t really counter Russia in foreign policy, it chose the method of bribing international officials and putting pressure on international organisations in the form of its intelligence agencies blackmailing the responsible employees of these structures. And this is how Britain frankly – because of its inability to do it covertly – put the OPCW at its mercy and then, using the hands of this organisation, carried out a made-to-order “examination”, in which it is declared that the Skripals were poisoned with the “Novichok” gas.

Since after the Skripals were poisoned in Salisbury other people in another town – Amesbury – were poisoned and, unlike the Skripals, died, the OPCW gave out the verdict that the gas used was “Novichok”, however the Skripals and a certain Sturgess/Rowley were poisoned with different batches. Since what is called the word “Novichok” is manufactured by many other states, it is impossible to prove the direct participation of Russia. But such a task is at the same time not necessary. Britain considers the desired effect as achieved and the needed paper from the OPCW as received. London stated that the OPCW carried out the task with honor, and that the high standards of the scientists of this organisation again proved themselves – well, and so on, and so forth.

It is clear that since the Brits praise the decision of the international experts for its objectivity, it means that the Brits organised everything as they needed it to be, and with these compliments they formally take away suspicion from the OPCW of performing a political order. Nothing more is needed – any participation of Russia in the investigation won’t be allowed, like concerning the examination of the case of the Malaysian Boeing.

The policy of Britain and the US in regards to Russia is reminiscent of a title fight in boxing: Russia is tied to the ropes, then the Englishman kicks Russia in the groin – and the judge declares the victory of the English boxer. And the American boxer jumps out behind the judge’s back and rabbit punches the tied-up rival several times, which the judge doesn’t react to in any way. Then the voting panel hands the championship belt to the Englishman and the American and declares both of them world champions. And police officers take the tied-up Russia to the locker room and, after untying it, throw it out onto the street. Everyone in the world sees what the Anglo-Saxons get up to, but everyone supports what is happening because they are afraid.

Why do the Anglo-Saxons do this? After all, this isn’t rational. Everyone can see that they are provokers and villains. They are despised and hated. They aren’t trusted by their own citizens. They already don’t care about looking correct at all. They behave like bandits who occupy a village and don’t even pretend to seem like decent gentlemen.

The fact is that Russia pursues its policy without paying attention to their provocations. It crushed the Wahhabis in the Caucasus well trained by the West and snatched Crimea from under NATO’s nose. It snapped the US’ scenario in Ukraine. It restores the EAEU. In Syria Russia completely booted the Anglo-Saxon West from the pedestal that it had occupied during the whole post-war 50-year period. By its bombings of ISIS militants, Russia broke the rigid ribs of the geopolitical world contours built by the Americans. This is a catastrophe, to which the Anglo-Saxon world has nothing to reply with in relation to the nuclear power of Russia.

While Britain was showering the bought-and-paid-for experts of the OPCW with compliments for the needed act, Russia struck the strongest bombing attack on Idlib, clearing the way for the Syrian army for the destruction of the last enclave of American fosterlings, thus striking a blow to the gut of the British political elite. After all, all the dancing around the Skripals and the subsequent sanctions is designed to prevent what Russia is now doing in Idlib. They didn’t succeed to prevent it, and this is a demonstration of the weakness of the British ruling class, which is capable of only stealthily nibbling the heels.

But what’s worst of all is that the actions in Idlib show the weakness of the US. Trump is completely muzzled – not by his adversaries, but by Russia. It’s exactly like this. Russia uncovered preparation for a provocative chemical attack in Idlib, which it reported at the UN in front of the whole world. And everyone heard it. With all the details, including the quantity of barrels and their color, and also the description of ways of delivering chlorine to Idlib and the places of their secret storage. All the trump cards of Americans have been illuminated. There is no sense in the operation anymore.

But there will be an operation all the same. The match will take place in any weather conditions. The US already planned the places that it will bomb. The storm will be more resolute than the previous time. Preparation happens as if the US is sure that a chemical attack will take place, when the US will decide on it. Not Damascus, but Washington. I.e., in general all masks were thrown off, and the US openly prepares aggression with a provocation in a sovereign country where they frankly have the status of an occupier.

And even if there won’t be a chemical attack at all, the American strike will take place anyway, because the Russians shook via bombing their American proteges  too strongly. They are too close to defeat – their excuse for being in Syria will be evaporated. How can such a thing be allowed? A strike of prestige is needed, and it will happen, even if the sun falls on the Earth and the Mississippi river will flow in reverse. It’s just that it’s difficult to see any prestige in this.

The US is increasingly sliding from strategy to tactics. The Americans need a strike on Syria not because it will decide something in terms of the outcome of the campaign. It won’t decide anything, because in order to change the course of the war the US needs to enter its land troops with everything that it implies – the death of military personnel and clashes with Iran, Syria, and Russia. And even with Turkey. Along with China, which is silently standing behind them. This is a guaranteed defeat, the global consequences of which are unpredictable.

The first thing that can be made out is the crumbling of NATO. A second Vietnam will crush not only the American president, but also the US itself. That’s why Americans will score a goal of prestige and will leave the lost match. They will strike in Syria where again Russian intelligence will beforehand reveal the supposed targets of the blow, will withdraw the Syrian leaders from there, and will then again collect from the fields of Idlib a heap of unexploded Tomahawks, which will be presented to Russian rocketeers in the form of a gift so that they can improve their missile defense methods further.

Russia has a difficult task in Idlib now. It consists not of repelling an American attack, but of not repelling it too strongly. Trump opts for an attack not because he wants to win against the Russians in Syria, but because he wants to win against the globalists back home in America, and to do this on the eve of congressional elections. I.e., the reasons for America’s attack against Syria are purely internal.

If Russia hits Trump in Syria too strongly, it risks drowning him instead of somehow supporting his menacing image and helping him to win [in elections – ed]. Simply because Trump is favorable to Russia – he breaks too well everything that the American power of the last few decades has been based on. To help the impeachment of such a guy is outside of the national interests of Russia. We can’t now overstep the mark in Syria. Trump has to leave the line of fire as a fine fellow, but not as a fool and a loser.

I.e., the fate of the US is now in Russia’s hands. And Russia guides America according to its plan, lowering it slowly and controllably – although the US remains the world hegemon and thus hits Russia very strongly via sanctions. But Russia thus doesn’t sink its teeth into the throat of the US. At the same time Berlin, maintained by the cheap gas of Moscow, finishes off London in Europe.

Understanding this is very painful for Brits and Americans. It is so painful that no collapses of the ruble or jokes in Salisbury – with useless scraps of paper of local clerks from the OPCW who were intimidated by the British intelligence agencies – are capable of relieving this pain. Russia answers asymmetrically – by continuing to do what became the very reason London and Washington resorted to such crazy and inefficient actions in the first place.

After the US has fired its load at Damascus, Russia and Syria will continue to squeeze Idlib and will resolve the situation definitively. And after this they will construct a “big Chinese wall” around Deir Ezzor and no mouse will slip out from there, especially with oil. We have already seen with the example of Erdogan how easy it is to bomb caravans of oil, the export of which from Syria Russia doesn’t wish to allow. And the US will have to leave from there too. And saving the face of the US in this story of their latest defeat will be the subject of negotiations with Russia.

But in the meantime, Russia needs to apply itself very much in order to not let Trump fire missiles where they shouldn’t be fired and at the same time not to expose him as a weakling and a symbol of American shame. Russia must give Trump the chance to resolve his important affair. The US won’t have another such president, just like how Russia won’t have a second Mishka Mecheny [a nickname assigned to Mikhail Gorbachev; “mecheny” = labeled, because of the birthmark on his head – ed].

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