Translation and subtitles by Scott Humor

Edited by Edvin Buday



The ‘alternatively talented’ European media, affected as it is by the Bacillus Tolerantis, has decided to show us some new wonders. Unable to find something to build complaints about the World Cup, they started spinning a myth of racism in the Russian team.

“Russia’s World Cup Team Bucks Multiethnicity Seen On Swiss, other Teams,”; so read the captions under a photograph which was posted last week by the conscientious Radio Free Europe. The material that accompanied the picture tells us that Russians are intolerant towards people with a different skin colour.

Even if we ignore the fact that the image used is old and that Russia’s World Cup team composition has changed, the pigheadedness of these “civilized people” is still amazing.

Everyone knowns that we have a multinational country. Players in the team include the Ossetian Dzagoev and the Tatar Kuzyaev as well as other nationalities, up to ethnic German Roman Neustedter, who missed this championship because of an injury, and naturalized Brazilian Marinata Gilerme, who speaks Russian almost without an accent as well as another Russian Brazilian, Mario Fernandes.

But the West keeps squawking: “the Russian national football team is the most nationalist team in the world Cup “… “How could this be,” they say, “Russia is a multinational state, but there are only white people on the photograph?”

I think that our media is completely wrong in trying to avoid this topic. It was necessary to discuss this before the championship, but it is not too late to do so now. Since the West harasses us claiming that we have a “nationalist team,” when our journalists write about the European teams, they should write about the history of the countries from which their non-white team members come from.

For example: “France is playing today. Do not be surprised at the racial composition of the team – during the colonial era, France occupied many African countries inhabited by blacks and also annexed Algeria. For this reason, it is difficult to see the faces of the native French in their national team, as it turned out that the blacks and Arabs with French passports make much better footballers.”

“And this is the Swiss team. In the past century, neighbouring countries used to recruit Swiss mercenaries, some of them still protect the Pope, so now the Swiss themselves recruit mercenaries from Albania and from NATO’s annexed Serbian province of Kosovo.”

And so on, and so on. Reasons aplenty. But we remain silent because of the forgiving nature of the Russian soul. But the Europeans, as you can see, are not silent. At the very least we know that our country did not bring slaves from Africa to its ships, and therefore representatives of black peoples live in Russia only in very isolated cases, but the “enlightened” Anglo – Saxons still don’t even know that there is a nationality called “Tatar”, and that “Tartar” is only a sauce.

Only a person with the intelligence of a baboon could write that “the exclusively white composition of Russia’s national team is proof of Nazism”. No, no, no, no, no … Nazism is when you put black people in chains and poison the Chinese with opium. If the world’s most northern world power is populated by people with white skin colour, it’s because of our climate. Even the Brazilians who came here are white, as other races are incapable of enduring our harsh winters.

And all citizens of our multi-ethnic country love our multi-ethnic team for what it is. Many victories to you guys!



Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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