Dear friends,

The good news is that a lot of you have asked to join.  The bad news is that I am a dodo-brain and that I did complicate things unnecessarily.  So here is what Fedor and I have decided:

First, all those who want to subscribe need to send an email to Fedor with your Telegram name/handle; that means that you need to sign up to Telegram first and get a handle.

Next, Fedor will sign up EVERYBODY who asks for it.  There will be no vetting at sign-up.  HOWEVER, I will also have the right to expel anybody and, believe me, I will, mercilessly and after only 1 warning (in bad cases, without any warning).

Pleased remember that your handle will be something like @yourname or @yourhandle.

I am in a “bellicose” mood towards the trolls, see here, and this mood is even stronger towards the Telegram channel.  So I will have my finger on the proverbial “trigger” :-)

Next, I STILL ask you to introduce yourselves to me, but please do that by sending an email to me to my email address and please place “Telegram intro” in the subject line.

Please, if you have not done so already, do not forget to send your admission request to Fedor at

No, I will not reject anybody just on the basis of this intro or if you fail to send me one, but I would much prefer if you did.

Those who already sent their email to Fedor, just resend the same one to me.

Once you are signed on, please feel free to talk on the channel as soon as you want.

Finally, this is a work in progress, I will probably mess up again, so please bear with me and let me know if I screw-up again (in the comments section below).

Thanks for your kind patience with me,

The Saker

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