Dear friends,

I need your help.

Specifically, I are looking for two kinds of volunteers:


I need at least two, ideally three, moderators to help moderate the comments in this blog.  Several of our moderators are currently unable to help us due to their personal, real life, issues.  We especially need moderators to fill the following time slots:

  • 5PM/1700 to 9PM/2100 GMT
  • 12AM/0000 to 4AM/0400 GMT

If you can help with these time slots or any other time, please email my webmaster (not me!) at the following email address:  [email protected]


I am looking for two kinds of research assistants:

  • Research Assistants who can help produce the various SITREPs
  • Research Assistants who can do research targeted as specific issues/situations

In both cases these research assistants would have the support of my Director of Research, Scott, who will help them get the training needed and assist them in their research.  If you can help me with research, please email Scott (not me!) at the following email address: [email protected]

Dear friends, our community is growing fast and the blog is now read by even more people than before.  At the same time, we are now dealing with three major crises the Ukraine, Syria and Europe.  That means that Empire’s propaganda machine will go into overdrive and produce even more lies than usual.  I would argue that we are currently living through the most dangerous international situation since WWII, even worse than the Cuba Missile Crisis.

The good news is that you can do something about it.  Even if you have modest financial means and cannot help with donations, you can help with your energy and time.  And please don’t worry about not having the skills needed to do this or that – we will train you and we will help you.  And, truth be said, what good are these so-called “specialists” and “experts” when all they produce are lies, lies and more lies.

I will take an amateur with a highschool education over the dishonest ‘expert’ with 5 PhDs anytime!

All you need to help us is an Internet connections and the ability to donate a few hours of your time each week.  That’s it.  That, and the desire to resist and not just be a passive bystander.

If you want do do something – now you can: join the Resistance!

Thank you.

The Saker

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