Dear friends,

The time has come for the summer fundraiser.  I don’t particularly like it, but the truth is that it is vital.  To use my favorite metaphor – I need you to send me the “ammunition” needed to continue the battle, I simply can’t do it on my own.

I will say that so far we have done amazingly well.  As I have already mentioned elsewhere, the main blog now serves well over 2 million pages each month.  But that is only a quantitative measure of success. Far more important that we are reaching more and more new audiences (as shown by my recent interviews with Bonnie Faulkner or with PeakProsperity).  Each time we reach a new audience the same thing happens: those included to simple ideological categories initially like the blog, then they get confused and leave.  But some stay, precisely those who appreciate a blog with no single ideological profile, a blog were true diversity of opinion is encouraged.  So for me the main source of encouragement is that we are reaching a qualitatively new level of visibility!

There have also been small but relevant achievements since the last fundraiser.

First and foremost, and by popular demand, besides BitCoin we now have a Patreon option (see on the right of the page).  Please check out our Patreon page which has, I think, some pretty neat option for donors: “Hang-out with the Saker“.

Second, I am working on a new book!  The (provisional) working title of the new book will be “The Essential Saker II – Civilizational Choices and Geopolitics: The Russian challenge to the Hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire“.  The book, a collection of my best analyses since the first book came out, an updated “Russia and Islam” series and the transcript of my interviews with Bonnie Faulkner, will have a foreword by Alexander Mercouris, a second foreword by Catherine Austin-Fitts, an afterword by Cynthia McKinney and an endorsement by Sheikh Imran Hosein!

Third, the History of the Orthodox People project has been doing well in some areas, and not so well in others.  Basically, the researchers working on the Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian Orthodox Churches have done a great job.  Alas, our other sections did not to do well, especially the two “big ones” (Greek and Russian Orthodoxy) which for various reasons have not “taken off”.  I will make it my priority to re-energize the HOP project in the course of the month of August (right now there is too much going on for me to dedicate the time needed for this).

Last but not least, I am absolutely thrilled to announce a completely new project: the “Saker Cooperative“, something a group of us has been working on since many months and which we are now going to officially launch.  You will get all the detailed information about this once the Saker Cooperative is officially online, but I can already tell you that is a first step in our new effort to bring our community together and provide it with opportunities, ’nuff said for now, wait for the big announcement for all the details :-)

On a personal note now: I am leaving for a much needed break which will not be a working trip but a true “leave it all behind” kind of journey which will take me from the deserts of northern Nevada to an Orthodox monastery in the mountains of California.  It might be my past as a “submarine in the desert“, but deserts (physical and spiritual) are the place were I can best re-charge my depleted physical, psychological and spiritual “batteries”.  I will be back, God willing, on the 27th but until then I will leave the blog in the hands of Herb and Scott.  Please do not, repeat, NOT email me unless it is both urgent and important.  I will have spotty access to the cellphone networks during this trip, especially in the evenings, but since the purpose of this trip is also to create a desert-like stillness inside me for at least a few days, please don’t expect me to sustain the kind of intensive daily correspondence I normally do (50-80 emails per day).

In the meantime, please think of me as the Russian combat helicopter shown in the picture above: I am grounded until you get me the “ammo” needed for me to resume my missions.  A war – any war – cannot be fought on the cheap – it always requires sacrifices!

I remind you that I am fighting a multi-billion dollar propaganda machine with no ads, no paywalls, no subscriber contents and no obnoxious pop-ups.  All I do is from time to time remind you, like today, that I need your donations to fight this informational war.  In fact, I vitally depend on it!

Please help me to continue to provide you with the original contents which you have been enjoying in such large numbers.  Thank you!

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

PS: just as last time, I will leave his appeal up on the “analyses” section until my return.  Not only is it most visible this way, but it also remind you of all the high-quality original material you get on this blog.

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