Dear friends,

I was putting off this post over and over again, but now I really have no other option than to finally post it.  Here is the deal: I need your help.

First, it has been many, many months (over 6 for sure) since I have made a appeal for donations and while a few good hearts have continued to send in support (thanks guys!!), the donations have slowed down to a trickle.  So, please, help me focus on my work for this blog which I am still keeping 100% ad-free, with no paywall limiting access to anything and support my work by donating generously.  I always give everything away for free, but I also count on your support which is vital to keep this blog runningPlease help me in my struggle against the Empire’s propaganda machine!

Can I get a hand bro

Ask yourself two simple questions: how much is the information I provide on this blog worth to you?

I get well over a million visitors each month and my articles are re-printed in many top-visibility sources.  How important is it to you to keep this blog running?

The other thing I need help with is finding a lawyer willing to be my ‘in house council’ pro bono.  Until recently, I had a lawyer acting in that capacity for me: he helped me set up my LLC and he gave me advise on accounting, taxation, copyright, domain names, opening a bank account, etc.  Alas, he had to resign from this position due to personal difficulties so now I am left alone, which is pretty bad because I am a financial/legal moron and I need help with the very simplest of issues.

So, if you are a lawyer in the USA, or if you know a lawyer willing to help me on his/her free time, please contact me at [email protected]  That would be a *huge* help for me, really!

So far, every time I have asked for the help of the community the miracle happened and the needed help materialized.  Please make that miracle happen again!

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

The Saker

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