Dear friends

The Saker blog has been under attack for many months, but we kept it quiet.  Our webmaster and sysadmin Herb  has successfully beat back all the attacks, but now the enemy has upped both the scale and nature of the attack and we are barely hanging on.


I have two urgent requests:

1) If you are an IT security specialist (or can contact one you know) and you think that you (or he/she), or your company, can help, please contact at the following email as soon as possible: [email protected]

Please do NOT email me personally as I am on sick leave and this is way above my IT skills.

2) please circulate this appeal of mine on social media, maybe that will help us get to the right people who can help us.

Finally, we will keep you updated on the old blog’s site here:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Kind regards


PS: if they attack us, it must mean that we are threatening them.  So I consider this as a compliment of sorts for the superb work the Saker Team has been doing, especially since my leave of absence for health reasons.


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