Dear friends,

In the past we were lucky enough to a generous sponsor who paid for the costs of our servers in Iceland.  This person has now retired from his job and cannot continue to support us.  We are trying trying to find a new sponsor willing to donate the funds needed for our servers.  Our servers are hosted by the company Advania ( and the costs are as follows: 786 Euros every six months exactly.  That is 873 Dollars at today’s rate.  That means 1746 US dollars a year.

Since this is an absolutely crucial aspect of our operations (5 our of 6 of our Saker Blogs run on these servers) we are hoping that a sponsor (one person or one group of people) will be found who will agree to cover theses cots.

If you can help us or if you know somebody who can, please email me.

Please do NOT send any money at this point.

So far our community has made many “miracles” happen and I hope that this will be the case again this time.  I will keep you all posted, of course.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

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