Dear friends,

I just wanted to share a quick update with you about our community and myself.

So far, I know of no member of our community who would have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 and developed the COVID19 infection.  But *A LOT* of our members have been affected by the virus, many are in lockdown at home.  This situation also affects to 20 or so key-members of the various Saker blog who are now all living under difficult circumstances.

As for myself and my family, we have decided to also go on voluntary quarantine not so much because we believe that we might avoid the virus, as to give us more time before we get sick.  South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties) is now starting the resemble New York.  North Florida (Duvall County) and even Central Florida (Hillsborough and Orange County) are following right behind.  For the time being, the governor is taking the “Trump approach” and cares a lot more about the economy than about human lives.  In other words, I am pretty sure that Florida will soon join NY, CA and other states and that denial will be followed by panic.

So all of us, in varying degrees, are affected and that will affect how our blogs work.

I ask for your understanding and patience with all of us.


As I have already mentioned recently, the trolls are out in force.  Two days ago I had to remove over 40 comments, then we had one day of normalcy, now they are back with a vengeance (over 40 comments today again).  I want to make it clear that no matter how much the troll number grow, I will not allow anybody to hijack the comments section and we will continue to eliminate all those comments who are in violation of the letter and spirit of the following rules:

I ask everybody to re-read these rules and to respect them.

If not, don’t come crying about the evil moderators “censoring” your no-doubt brilliant comments.

That’s all for today.

Stay safe, stay calm and stay patient.  This too shall pass!

Hugs and cheers

The Saker

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