Dear friends,

Hurricane Irma looks very, very powerful and the resulting hysteria in Florida is outright toxic (there are fistfights at gas stations). A friend offered to host us in Virgina and we have decided to accept that invitation.  So we are going to hit the road at 0500 tomorrow.  I will try my best to remain in contact and maybe even post a little something once I get to southern Virginia, but no promises.  Frankly, I am already exhausted even before hitting the road.

You are all wonderful friends and I want to thank you all for your kindness and concern.  God willing, we will be perfectly fine.  My biggest fear is for our house, a rather weak structure in a flood zone, but it survived 5 hurricanes in the past and it will probably survive this one too.  I just pray for a weak storm surge…

I will try to keep you posted, possibly in the Café.

Herb and Scott will keep the blog up in my absence.

Hugs and cheers to all, see y’all later :-)

The Saker

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