Dear friends

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have responded to my Fall appeal for donations: all of you have been extremely generous, irrespective of how much you actually donated.  Some of you gave more, some less, but all gave from the heart, and many of you wrote extremely touching letters of support, both by email and by snail mail.  Some could not donate money, but offered their prayers, which is the most precious gift possible!

I wish I had the material time to reply to each and ever one of you, but I really don’t.  I most sincerely apologize for this: the best I can do is to thank you all here :-)

We are about to enter a period of extreme instability and major potential risks.  My wife and I hope are now in the process of migrating our small business into a specially converted minibus which, God willing, will allow us to fully resume our fulltime work even under pandemic conditions.  Your generous help will help us get there, thank you!!

I won’t bore you with a detailed “state of the blog” report, but I would say that I am confident that we are doing great and that we are as ready as can be for what is coming next.  We also largely owe this to the fantastic support from our community, and for that we are also deeply grateful.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God bless!

The Saker

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