Dear friends,

God is merciful indeed!  Not only did Hurricane Irma not take the worst possible track (not even close), but she also lost a lot of power right at the ideal moment and then she took a very bad track (for her).  In my part of Florida the impact from an already weakened hurricane was, frankly, minimal.  My sons just returned home and found it unscathed and even our power returned tonight!  I consider myself fantastically lucky indeed :-)

I plan to return home by the end of the week (no point in rushing back and only make things worse for others who really must get back ASAP).  I plan to get home, catch my breath, say a prayer of thanksgiving, get organized and resume full work on the blog by Monday, God willing.

Until then, please do not send me emails if at all possible.  But starting Monday your emails will have my full attention again, okay?

Thanks again for your kind words and good wishes.

“See” you soon,

The Saker

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