Dear friends,

I am going to be on the road for 10 days or so, visiting a sick relative of mine and seeing some good friends.  I should have Internet, at least in the evenings, but please be patient with me if I am slow in answering emails.  I will be updating the blog as best I can, mostly in the evenings.   Hopefully, my short trip will therefore have little, or no, impact on the blog.  However, please do not email me unless this is both urgent and important.  If it is not not, please email be after, say, July 20th.

Please also keep in mind that I will be approving/banning the comments flagged by the moderators only in the evenings, so if your comment does get intercepted, it might take me longer than usual to decide on it (remind: moderators only flag comments, I then take the final decision).  So please be patient during this period!

I am also happy to report that my health is back to normal and the blog is doing better than ever: I am especially happy with the top-quality Guest articles and Saker Community translations.  Our community is growing and I want to thank all those who have joined forces with us!

Hugs and cheers to all,

The Saker

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