Dear friends,

Today I ask for your indulgence.  Not for the contents of the podcast which are every bit as retrograde, obscurantist and bigoted as my recent A few disjointed thoughts on the events in Cologne, but for the fact that the topic I tackled today would have deserved a carefully prepared presentation and not just an off the cuff “car discussion”.  As always, I did the best I could, and I ask you to consider this only as a basis for discussion, maybe food for thought, nothing more.

A couple of technical issues now:

  • I am discontinuing the use of the Saker Podcasts download page.  From now on, the podcasts will be uploaded only to YouTube and the Internet Archive and the video/audio links embedded here, on the podcast page.
  • This podcast has not two, but three parts.  I added a small post-scriptum at the end of part two.

Please find the the video and the audio here below and please feel free to use the comments section to share your opinion/criticisms/reactions with the rest of us.

Many thanks and kind regards, enjoy!

The Saker

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