Dear friends,

The 5th Saker podcast, and the first one in 2015, is now available for download on the Saker podcast page:

Saker Podcasts download page on Google Sites

The page for the podcast itself is here:

Link to Saker Podcast #5 on Google Sites

As always, you can chose from Soundcloud, Internet Archive and Youtube.

It is 23:00 here and the folks in Minsk have still not announced anything, so I am going to bed. I will be on the road most of the time tomorrow and Friday, but I will try to moderate as best I can and update you on the news in the course of the evenings. God willing, by Saturday I will have a full analysis ready.

In the meantime – I hope that you will enjoy the podcast and the open thread.

And, guys, please remember to donate!


Kind regards,

The Saker


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