My latest column about Europe has elicited a lot of reactions, more than I expected, and I feel that I have to follow up by answering some of the comments made and by simply sharing with you not so much my thoughts as my feelings about Europe and her plight.  Careful here, this will be a angry rant, written with sadness and despair in my heart, and with no regard whatsoever for good manners or political correctness (or spelling and grammar, for that matter)

If you offend easily, stop reading now.  Same thing if you expect a carefully written analysis.  This will be a *rant*.

You have been warned!

For those who might not already know this, I was born in Switzerland in 1963 and, as most your Swiss people do, I traveled all over Europe for many years.  My favorite destinations were mostly in the South: Greece (Athens, Aegina, Aghia Marina), Spain (Gran Canaria, Andalusia, Madrid), Italy (Ansedonia, Rome, Milan, Aosta), France (Creuse, Corrèze, Vercors), but also in the *real* “Central Europe” of Switzerland (Berner Oberland, Graubunden, Val Poschiavo), Germany (Bavaria), Holland (Amsterdam, the Hague) and Belgium (Brugge).  I even has some wonderful trips to Ireland (Dublin, Donegall, Connemara) and I loved it all. I loved the languages (I speak Spanish, German, French, Italian), I loved the beautiful diversity of people, the music, the food, the landscapes, the accents and beautiful buildings as witnesses of the past reaching as far as antiquity – all these were joys to my heart and food for my mind.  I absolutely LOVE Europe, and not only because by ethnicity I am half-European myself (my father, who did not raise me, is Dutch) but because most of my life was spent there and no matter what Europe will feel like home to me.

[Sidebar: when I say “Europe” I mean Western Europe, the real Europe, the one which was occupied by NATO, not the eastern part, occupied by the WTO (Warsaw Treaty Organization, it was never called a “Pact” – this is US propaganda), which never was really Europe anyway.  No offense to anybody, but for me the notion that Poland or Bulgaria are part of Europe is laughable.  And neither are the Balkans for that matter, with the possible exception of Greece.  I know, most will disagree and prove me wrong, I don’t care.  MY Europe will always be a purely western one, for better or, sometimes, for worse]

But that home was stolen from me.

First, that home was stolen by an EU project which from day one was anti-European.  How is the EU anti-European?  First and foremost, because it was aimed at unifying a beautifully diverse continent.  What does a German and an Italian have in common.  Let me tell you: exactly *nothing*.  In Switzerland we used to joke that the border with Africa began in Carouge, a southernmost neighborhood of Geneva.  If you asked a Swiss German from Zurich, he would say that the border with Africa begin just south of Bern, on the linguistic divide between German and French speaking Swiss.  And, please, don’t see that as a sign of anti-Italian or anti-French-speaking Swiss racism – it is not.  It was a *joke*, but one which reflected real differences.

Gites du Vercors

The Europe of my youth

There once was a real and viable European (as I said, every time I say “European” I mean “West European”) core: Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark were fairly close to each other, with France being the odd man out (France is, at the very least, two countries: southern and northern France, glued together by history and language).  Switzerland was politically too independent to ever join this “core” as for the UK, it was never European in the least.  If anything, the UK was always anti-European and the worst enemy of Europe.

The EU went much further.  It added Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.  This was already rather crazy but, I suppose, painfully doable.  But then came the deathblow: adding all of the former WTO countries in a suicidal expansion to the East.  I don’t feel like discussing what the central and eastern European countries ought to be called, maybe “eastern European” is okay, but they never were in any way part of western Europe.  Yes, for political reasons, the Poles, Estonians and Romanians think of themselves as “European”, but just like the Ukies with their ridiculous “Україна – це Європа!” (The Ukraine is Europe) they never were part of real Europe, not the one which used to joke that the European border with Africa beings in Carouge anyway :-)

Europe today

The “New Europe”

The second deathblow to Europe came when the capitalists opened the borders of Europe to cheap immigrant labor for the south.  Let me tell you, the first wave of immigrants, mostly Italians, Portuguese and Spaniards, could very easily be integrated.  I went to school with roughly 50% of the classroom composed of these three groups.  Sure, they each had their own identity, language and customs – but they could really be integrated into the larger society.  Then came the Yugolsavs and it was much tougher already.  All of them – Serbs, Croats, Albanians from Kosovo – had come from Communist Yugoslavia and while they definitely worked very hard, they never really felt at home in their new country of residence, and neither did the locals see them as their own.  But then all hell broke lose with the arrival of the “Arabs” from the Maghreb (northern Africa) who were not all, or even really, “Arabs” but nevermind that, and sub-Saharan (Black) Africans.  Can you imagine what it feels like to see *real* Africans in larger and larger numbers all over your home town when you used to joke that the border with Africa was Carouge (I repeat that example because I consider it very telling)?  It felt like a plague, even if nobody was willing to admit it.

Now let me immediately get one canard out of the way.  The issue of Islam.

French thugs in the past

French street thugs of the past

I submit that none of the Magbrebians or Africans could be really integrated into a profoundly West European society.  But, and this is crucial, the Muslims, and here I mean the really religious and pious Muslims, were always respectful of the law and excellent neighbors.  I know what I am talking about as I lived right next door to a big mosque myself, for decades, and that I know for a fact that mosque-attending Muslims are extremely courteous (more so than the locals, in fact) and that they are very careful about showing a refined, educated and proper image of Islam in front of non-Muslims.  The real plague were the 2nd generation kids who were neither Europeans nor Muslims.  Now those, especially the Algerians, accounted for the vast majority of crime and they were truly a horror to put up with: arrogant, loud, uneducated and very aggressive.  These Maghrebians typically would mix with 2nd generation Black Africans and form the core of almost all the gangs of criminal thugs roaming around.  And none of them, zero, were Muslims in any sense of the word, not religious not cultural.  Again, I speak of long and personal experience, so please don’t come tell me that I don’t know Europe or Islam, because I do, very well in fact.

[Sidebar: I cannot speak of Turks/Kurds in Germany simply because I have not spend enough time in these circles and I am not qualified to have an opinion about them]

So my Europe was stolen from me not once, but twice and while I weep over the Europe of my youth, I absolutely loathe the Europe of the European Union.  Every time I see Hollande, Stoltenberg or Tusk, my stomach turns and I feel like cursing.  They make me absolutely sick.  I hate the Europe of Charlie Hebdo, of BHL, of Harlem Desir, the Europe of Conchita Wurst or of Dalia Grybauskaitė (there goes a typical European name, right?).

Modern French thugs

Street thugs in Paris today

London now looks like Karachi, Paris like Ouagadougou, Rome like Târgu-Mures.  This is absolutely disgusting, revolting and suicidal.  To say so has absolutely nothing to do with racism and only a person totally devoid from any real cultural roots can misinterpret the horror of those who see their cities and cultural roots being smashed by waves of non-integratable immigrants as a form of racism.  You don’t believe me?

Let me tell you this: in France there are a lot of Maghrebians who are now horrified to see their (usually poor) neighborhood being literally run over by Romanian Gypsies while in Switzerland you have more or less integrated ex-Yugoslavs who now watch in horror as their putatively “fellow” ex-Yugoslavs run the cocaine business.  How many Swiss citizens do you think you would fine in a Swiss jail?   Nobody knows, but my guess is less than 15%.

The worst part of it all is that both the Right and the Left are equally responsible for this state of affairs.


Lionized by Time, of course

Originally, the main impulse to bring immigrants to Europe came from the Right, from the organized corporate managers who wanted cheap labor at any cost.  As always, if you look deeper, the force behind the corporations were the banks.  It is of no coincidence that in France is all began with Georges Pompidou who, before being President, was a General Manager at N. M. Rothschild & Sons Bank.  Pompidou, who came to power following the CIA’s “color revolution” known as “Mai 68” succeeded a real French patriot, General de Gaulle, who had attempted to de-couple France from her AngloZionst masters and who was subsequently overthrown in a bizarre revolution which already saw Trotskists and CIA agents working hand in hand to achieve regime change in France.

All the French Right cared for was profit, profit and profit.  The French workers were superbly unionized, they have achieved remarkable social and labor rights and the French capitalists simply could not turn them into the kind of right-less workforce they needed, so the imported them from abroad.


Bernard Henri Levi and Harlem Désir

As for the Left, it saw in this influx of immigrants a fantastic political opportunity to achieve the kind of societal change it always wants to achieve: a wholesale destruction of any form of tradition, national identity and religion.

The French Zionists, in particular, saw a fantastic opportunity to weaken the French national identity by branding it as by definition racist.  This is how they did it.

President François Mitterrand wanted to split the French Right in order to win the elections, so he personally ordered the main French TV channel to make a long interview with the leader of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen.  This interview is what really put the National Front in the spotlight and the tactic worked.  The French Right was split and it still is, by the way.  The the French Socialists joined forces with the Israel Lobby and created a movement called “Touche pas à mon pote” (don’t touch my pal) headed by a guy called Harlem Desir (I kid you not!).  Their mission?  To fight the alleged racism of the French people.  Sounds familiar?  Create a problem and then ‘solve it’ (“Zionism 101”).  This operation worked superbly and made any discussion of immigration tantamount to racism.


France: from King Clovis to this…

Now that the EU has replaced Europe, the Right and the Left have logically fused into what I call the “Extreme Center” – the same globalist model with, on one hand, wants to eliminate all the borders while, on the other, dismantling all social regulations protecting the working class from exploitation by the Capitalists.

Sorry for this long excursion in the past, but I want you to understand why I am always so angry when I write about today’s “Europe”: I am angry because I remember “yesterday’s Europe” very well, because I saw it killed step by step before my eyes, because I personally lived through every stage of this slow murder and because I absolutely loathe the pseudo-Europe which the Zionists are building on the aches of the old Europe.

A few more comments:

Gladio: yes, I know about Gladio, I remember the bombing in Bologna and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro.  Could the latest bombings be a Gladio v2?  Yes, absolutely, but this in no way impinges in the fundamental thesis that uncontrolled emigration is a moral threat to Europe and an ideal vector for the penetration by terrorists.  Just remember that Daesh is CIA-controlled anyway, and that whether the handlers are in Raqqa or Brussels makes no difference.  The Takfiris have always been the CIA’s footsoliders.

The US role: huge.  The EU is essentially a US project via the Bilderbergers and the Zionist lobby in Europe.  The EU today is run by a comprador elite which is totally subservient to AngloZionist interests.  What real Europeans wanted was the “Europe des patries” (the Europe of fatherlands) which de Gaulle advocated.  We all know what happened to de Gaulle for daring to oppose the AngloZionists Empire.

Russia: this is interesting.  I see no Schadenfreude amongst Russians, none at all.  First, most Russians simply like Europe, especially southern Europe with which we feel a much stronger connection.  But we also admire the northern Europeans for their undeniable achievements.  Furthermore, Russians know, through their own bitter past, that good people can live under a disgusting regime.  This is also why Russians don’t usually blame regular US Americans for the policies of the ruling 1%.  But what bothers Russians the most is the abject servility of most Europeans in front of an abject regime.  The great Russian philosopher Ivan Solonevich used to write that “the Germans are not better organized, they are easier to organize”.  What he meant by that is the be it under the Nazis or under the US occupation, the Germans would be exceptionally obedient and willing to be ordered around.  In contrast, the Russian people are far more freedom loving and even anarchistic and they always rebel against any authority they don’t respect.

[Sidebar: dubious about this?  Consider this: the Germans actually elected Hitler and then obeyed him up until his death.  In comparison, the Soviet regime came to power in 1917 but only achieved stability in 1946(!) after a huge civil war, many insurrections, bloody repressions, bloody purges and a terrible war which saw, for the first time in Russian history, millions of Russians switch sides.  Even after 1946 – the year of the last big wave of repressions – the Soviets still feared their own population up to 1991, and for good reason, would I add].

I personally expect that the first explosion against the EU will come from France, a country which, like Russia, has a deep, almost visceral, attachment to freedom and which will, I am certain, eventually blow up. When that happens, it will be violent and bloody (alas, another French – and Russian – tradition).  I think that the AngloZionists will go to unimaginable levels of depravity and dishonesty to prevent it, but my money stays on France as the first country in the EU to rise up against the Empire.  Why? Because the other candidates, Greece, Spain or Italy, will always “look over the shoulders” whereas the French will simply explode in rage with no regard to the consequences (in that the French are much more like the Russians).  Plus the French will always hate the Anglos anyway.

Islam: Fact 1: Muslims are here to stay.  You can hate it or love it, but that is a fact.  Fact 2: Islam, real Islam as opposed to Wahabi Islam, is categorically opposed to AngloZionism.  I think that Islam will be one of the forces which will eventually help to “clean house” in Europe.  Wahhabism on the other hand, will have to be completely and totally eliminated from Europe.  This is a mortal threat to all of civilized mankind, a threat which cannot be negotiated with and which must be totally eliminated.

The Ottomans: Call me crazy, but I am coming the conclusion that Turkey, at least in its present form, is inherently a dangerous and non-reformable entity which must be beat back to a size and quality commensurate with the notion of “normal country”.  Just look at the past couple of decades.  The Turks were involved in: Cyprus, Kurdistan, Chechnia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Crimea, Lebanon and Syria!  How is that for a terrorism-support scorecard?  Does anybody remember that Turkey does still occupy half of Cyprus and that the Turkish military has been bombing and attacking Kurds in Syria and Iraq for decades already.  Clearly, the “imperial virus” has not been eradicated in this ex-Empire and this rot must be eliminated until Turkey finally becomes what all other former empires have become: a normal country, like Greece or Holland.  By the way, the only thing which currently keeps Turkey together and gives it a kind of immunity is, of course, the protection of the United States, NATO aka the AngloZionist Empire.  Get rid of one, and the other will soon follow.

The *real* Left: there used to be a real Left in Europe.  And, unlike the modern ‘caviar-Left’ it was really patriotic.  The French Communist Party leader Georges Marchais saw through the Capitalists plan to import masses of immigrants and he denounced that as a conspiracy against both the local French and the immigrants.  Some of his speeches sound very similar to what Jean-Marie Le Pen has repeated for decades.  The real left has now been completely eliminated from Europe or, if it exists somewhere,  it is too small to make a difference.

The *real* Right: The National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen used to be the real deal, even if it was carefully manipulated by the French Socialists.  But ever since his daughter Marine came to power, the National Front has been totally coopted by the Zionists and from a popular and labor movement it has now turned into the typical Capitalist pseudo-Right which is sold out to the system and unable to even peep a word against the Zionists.  There is a real Right left in France, mostly around Traditionalist “Catholic” (Latin) circles but, just as with the real Left, it is too small to really make a difference.

Sorry for this long rant.  My heart hurts over this topic and it is painful for me to write about.  Please don’t come and pester me about spelling or grammar or other inexactitudes.  I wrote this in one shot, off the cuff, and at the kind of warp-speed typing I do when I am emotional about something (heck, I won’t even bother re-reading it or check for typos).  Though I will post this under the “analysis” section, I do that only because this is a follow-up to my analysis yesterday.  But, as you can tell, an analysis this is not – this is just a frustrated and angry rant about what has been done to the place were I was born and which I still love.

To end on something personal and beautiful, I leave you with this GoogleEarth photo of the place in Greece where, as a kid, I learned how to free-dive (decades before the movie “The Big Blue” made freediving a trendy sport): the rocks near the village of Αγία Μαρίνα (Saint Marina), on the island of Aegina.  I visited this place at the age of 12 for the first time and this is also were I spent my honeymoon, almost 23 years ago.  This is also one of the places I call ‘home’.

The Saker

Αγία Μαρίνα

Aghia Marina

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