As is so often the case, there is crazy shit happening in the US of A.  Yesterday I just took a quick look at the RT news feed and I saw this:


3 random shootings in 2 days

Following the shooting in Charleston, some creep shot another 7 people in West Philly and some other creep shot another 10 in Detroit.

I already know what is going to happen next: there will be new appeals to enact more “gun control” laws and this is what I my rant is about today: the constant efforts by some to pass more and more restrictions on the ownership of guns.  This makes absolutely no sense at all, and here is why:

Practical reasons:

1) Any legislation to to curb the ownership of firearms will only affect those who obey laws to begin with.  Criminals and crazies don’t give a damn.  If anything, the correlation between the legal ownership of firearms and crime is a negative one.

2) The actual crime rates amongst those who has a “concealed carry license” in the United States is actually less than amongst teachers, law enforcement officers and even clergymen.  Gun carriers (those with a CCL) are the single most law abiding social group.

3) 9 our of 10 cases when a gun is used to stop/prevent a crime not a single shot is fired – just the display of the firearm is enough in 90% of the cases.

Philosophical reasons:

1)  The right to bear arms has always been considered the privilege of the free and law abiding citizen.  It is also the cultural role of the father of the family: to stand in defense of his family.  To deny such a right is a sign of distrust which I personally find deeply offensive.

2) Firearms are very much part of the social culture of the USA.  And, no, that does not make the USA a crazy “Far West” as some try to picture it.  You all have heard the expression “as American as motherhood and apple pie”.  In reality neither motherhood nor apple pies are particularly American, but firearms most definitely are, in the very best sense of the word.  To ban guns is most definitely un-American.

3) The only person who is qualified to make the judgment about whether you need or don’t need to own or carry a firearm is the one who knows all your circumstances: yourself.  I don’t want to have some bureaucrat making that judgment call for me.

Common sense reasons:

1) The “gun control” movement is misguided because it offers those who cannot think critically an easy “solution” by fixating their anguish on an object: the gun.  This is exactly the same fallacy as the one underlying the war on drugs: ban the drugs and you will eliminate drug addiction.  In reality, of course, banning guns will not eliminate gun violence any more than banning drugs will stop addictive behavior.  As Menken said “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong“.

2) The vast majority of gun control supporters have a true phobia of guns.  “Phobia” in the double sense of “fear” and “hatred”.  They are the ones who will scream “what?!  a GUN in my house!!!!!” forgetting that a gun is a tool, just like any other tool.  By itself, it is neither good, nor bad, and it is most definitely not dangerous in the least.  I have yet to meet a single gun control supporter who would understand even the basic stuff about guns.  Ignorance breeds fear and this is especially true for gun control people.  Educating people about guns in the obvious solution.

3) Politicians are ruthlessly manipulating the gun control people.  Think of it, if “banning guns” is the solution, then politicians can do that with the stroke of a pen.  Finding real solutions to the problems of violence is exceedingly complicated and would costs a lot of money.  And while the notion of “the people” rising up against “the government” is silly NRA propaganda to support the right to bear arms (1000 gun toting civilians can easily be defeated by 30 well trained military soldiers), it is true that the citizen who lets himself be disarmed has become psychologically subservient and, basically, “broken”.   Politicians want to ban guns just for the same reasons they want to ban pot: it gives them power over the people.

Guns, cars and big dogs: should be treated the same way

Yes, guns are potentially dangerous, and so are cars and big dogs.  And this is why I personally believe that they should be regulated the same way.

1) carrying a gun, driving a car and owning a big dog should not be a right, but a privilege granted to anybody passing a basic proficiency test and getting a license to drive, carry a gun or own a large dog.  For cars, a driver’s license.  For dogs, a basic obedience course for the owner and dog together (for each dog).  For guns, a basic laws and safety course.  Most US states already have such laws for guns and cars but, alas, not for dogs (why?).

2) carrying a gun, driving a car and owning a big dog ought to be conditional on meeting a short list of specific criteria: physical and mental.  In the case of guns, no criminal record, no substance abuse, no history of family violence, not mental issues, etc.  In the case of dogs: no prior record of attacks by the owner’s dogs, the physical capacity to restrain your dog.  Most US states already have such laws for guns and cars but alas, not for dogs (why?).

3) a gun, car or dog owner ought to be legally held liable under both criminal and civil law for any events resulting from his/her ownership of a car, dog or gun.  Most US states already have such laws for guns and cars but, alas, not for dogs (why?).

What about accidents?

What about them?!  They happen.  So?  If you think that guns are accident prone, don’t get one!  I don’t think that, so leave me alone.  It’s not like third party bystanders often get hurt in gun accidents (it is usually the gun owner).

What about kids?

That is a non-issue.  Kids should not drive a car, they should not be left with a big dog unsupervised and they should not have access to firearms.  It is already illegal in many states to keep firearms accessible for kids in many states and buying a small gun safe is both effective a cheap.

The real issue: human nature and stupidity

The problem is not guns, dogs or cars.  The problem is human nature and stupidity.  Some humans are violent by nature, others have an addictive personality.  Unless you live on a desert island, you have to accept that.  Not far from where I live I regularly see a guy walking FOUR huge Rottweilers (all leashed) together and one quick look at his expression tells me that he has issues: he walks around with this “nobody fucks with me!” expression which must have been fashionable with cavemen.  He probably cannot get a car or gun license (too many DUIs?), but four huge Rottweillers – no problem.  This is crazy!  I also regularly see the local Neanderthals drive is huge oversized pickup trucks, some even add a pair of “truck nutz” to their wannabe-tank to look even more macho.  Do you really believe that these fine gentlemen require a handgun to hurt themselves or others?!

As for accident, they will happen with any tools.  I am quite sure that more accident happen with nails, ladders and electrical equipment than with guns.  You want to ban it all?

Full disclosure: I am preaching for my own parish

I own 2 cars, 4 dogs (including two Shepherds: a German and Belgian Groenendael) and 3 firearms (the three shown on featured image, except for my biggest on is a 9mm and my small one is without a laser).  I have a perfect driving record (not even a speeding ticket!), a completely virgin rap-sheet and *voluntarily* trained my German Shepherd for obedience (and tracking) with a local specialized dog-training center.  Since I shown myself to be responsible with my cars, dogs and guns I don’t see why the fact that some creep hundreds of miles away form where I live decided to go on a shooting-spree should affect my right to own and carry a firearms any more than a car pileup on a highway should deny me the right to drive or the fact that there are roving dogs attacks all over Florida (which are rarely reported) should prevent me from walking my dogs.

Florida “Neanderthals” (as Hiaasen called them)

Speaking of Florida: the local rednecks have acted so stupidly with the friggin Pitbulls that now dogs are banned almost everywhere, even on beaches, restaurants or stores.  In Europe I could go shopping with my dog, but not here.  The worst kind of big dog owner is the macho testosterone poisoned idiot who does not put is Pitbull on a leash “kuz I am a real man and I got him under control!” and who, of course, does not control him at all.  This is the same guy who will insist that “Pitbulls are great dogs, especially with kids”.  I always want to ask him if he got a Pitbull because of their stunning looks or legendary intelligence…  Those folks should be given guns for free in the hope that the accidentally shoot themselves :-)

I wish there was a law banning these Neanderthals, but the reality is that they are also just an expression of the fallen human nature and no law will make them disappear anytime soon.

Just please don’t judge all Floridians by these creatures and don’t restrict the freedoms of all because of the inevitable pathologies of the few.

The US of A: not perfect by any means, but not all bad either

Look, I will be the first one to say that the USA have a lot of major problems and you will never hear me say that the US society is an example to be emulated.  But there are some unique and truly precious things in this country which ought to be if not admired, than at least respected.  The first two which come to my mind are the First and Second Amendments.  Actually the entire Bill of Rights is, I believe, a remarkable document.   This is also why the US government is clearly trying to indirectly dismantle the Bill of Rights along with all the other civil (and even human rights!) of the people living in the USA under all sorts of completely fallacious pretexts: terrorism, addiction, pedophilia, mass shootings, etc.  And they always promise safety in exchange.  Even though I am a “legal alien” and not a US citizen, I fully agree with Franklin’s words that “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety“.  This principle is, I believe, not just for the USA but it is universally true.  This is why I firmly believe that the right to own and carry a firearm ought to be a civil right in any society.

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