Well, turns out that the LNR and DNR do not consider Crimea has part of the Ukraine after all.  My friend Alexander Mercouris explains it all on Russia Insider.  Alexander, in his kindness, calls it all a “misrepresentation”.   Well,  I won’t be as kind and I will call it yet another c*********k for which, again, heads should roll.  Figuratively of course.

But still.  How in the world did these guys not realize that their sloppy “amendments” would be immediately picked up by BOTH the AngloZionists AND the “hurray patriots” is beyond me.  The AngloZionists could now say that “even the Donbass terrorists” consider the Crimea as Ukrainian while the “hurray patriots” that “Putin and Surkov are selling out even Crimea!”.

Now, I am really not a Stalinist, but there is one aspect of Stalin’s policies which I dearly miss: under Stalin you were responsible for your actions.  Sometimes even with your life.  In wartime, by the way, this makes sense.  Because in times of war screw-ups like this one end up costing people’s lives.  The Novorussians are at war.  And if I don’t really want anybody shot over this, I sure would want some “heads to roll” in a purely administrative sense.

I am still unsure as to whether the folks in the DNR had anything to do with this or not.  Either way, they don’t have the horrible track record of the LNR officials for whom this latest debacle is just that – the latest one in a long series of fiascos. There are more and more signs that the LNR authorities are mostly part of the problem and not part of the solution.  Something is very rotten in the LNR and will stay so until somebody somehow finds a way to get competent leaders in charge.

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