Dear friends,

Today Orthodox Christians like myself celebrate the Eve of the Nativity (aka “Christmas”) and tomorrow will be a major feast day for us (Orthodox feasts always begin on the previous evening).

Icon of the Nativity

On Thursday I will have to spend the day on the road to drive my daughter to college so, God willing, I will be back only on Friday.   I have a hotspot in the van, but since cellphone coverage is spotty at best in the Florida boonies and 4G is rare, it might be hard for me to stay connected.

I will have the time to make a short post tomorrow morning with some good news to share with all of you.

Until then, please consider this post (and tomorrow’s!) as “open threads” which I will try to moderate as best I can (but considering that I will attend long church services at night and that I also need sleep, please don’t be too frustrated if it takes me longer than usual).

To those of you who celebrate the Nativity according to the Julian calendar I wish a joy-filled and peaceful day, and to those of you who do not, I also wish the exact same thing :-)

Kind regards, peace and cheers,

The Saker

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