By Batiushka for The Saker blog

Some commentators on this site have always been impatient for more dramatic Russian military action in the Ukraine, a Red Army Blitzkrieg involving the flattening of Kiev and many other cities. I suspect that, unlike military men, they have no idea of the horrors of real war. Unlike warmongering politicians, who do not do the fighting and do not face getting splattered by the brains and guts spilling out from inside other human-beings alive a few moments before, military men are essentially pacifists.

That does not mean that they are cowards, it means that, as professionals, they want to achieve their aims avoiding losses as far as possible. The aim is not to kill other human-beings. All the more so in the Ukraine, where those opposing you are the same race as yourself and with similar values. Kiev is not going to be flattened, it is a Russian City, indeed, it is called ‘The Mother of Russian Cities’. The SMO is to be implemented with as few losses as possible.

The Ukraine is to be freed, not destroyed. This war is against the USA and its blind but subservient vassals, not against the Ukraine and the Ukrainians. The Ukrainian people are being held hostage. The aim of any liberation is to free and save the hostages, not to kill them. The hostages are not the enemy. The enemies are the hostage-takers, Zelensky and Company. This whole operation is about saving the Ukraine, not destroying it.

Another thing that some in Western countries forget is that Russians have Asian patience. This is quite unlike Western impatience. Russia has not forgotten the Teutonic Knights in 1242, the Poles in the Time of Troubles (1598-1613), the Swedes at Poltava in 1709, Napoleon in 1812, the Franco-British in 1854-56, the Kaiser in 1914, Hitler in 1941, or Clinton in the 1990s.

It is all listed and remembered, just as the Chinese have not forgotten the British-run genocide of the Chinese in the Opium Wars, just as the Indians have not forgotten British atrocities in the First Indian War of Independence (the British call it ‘The Indian Mutiny’) in 1857-8, just as the Iranians have not forgotten the overthrow of their democracy by the British in 1953 and then the torture-chambers of the Shah’s secret police.

The point is that you should not poke the bear. Like Asians, Eurasian Russians have huge patience, but they forget absolutely nothing. When Kiev started its massacres in the Ukraine in 2014, all was noted. After the Bridge, that patience came to an end. The Russians have now appointed as Commander in Chief of what is now an anti-terrorist operation General Surovikin, nicknamed ‘General Armageddon’. His name, which comes from the Russian word for ‘severe’, recalls to any Russian the great hero of 18th century Russian military history, General Suvorov. My advice to Ukrainians after two days with 200 missiles? Either surrender asap or else get out now. Because, just from the news on 11 October:

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the USA and the UK of breaking off the March negotiations between Russia and Kiev in Istanbul, which came very near to peace and on terms fairly favourable to Kiev. Now, they were broken off, Kiev is not going to receive terms favourable to it in the slightest. All of this since March has cost Russia too much.

The head of Chechnia, Ramzan Kadyrov (and when he speaks, you had better listen) has said that the Ukraine has for ever lost any chance of an armistice with Russia because of the activities of Zelensky and his ‘satanised gang’. ‘What is happening today is retribution for the children, women and old men murdered and maimed in cold blood. The countries who today pose as pacifists and judge at the same time, and condemn the missile strikes on military, communications and energy-supply targets of the Ukraine, for eight long years could not have given a damn about the fates of those who lived in the Donbass’.

But, in a third story, the Chairman of the Belarussian Security Services, Ivan Tertel, has said in Minsk that he expects the turning-point of the Special Military Operation in the Ukraine to take place between November and February. ‘If the Russian Federation carries out a mobilisation of quality and provides its groups with the technical means and advanced arms, then military operations will enter their key phase’. This follows the announcement on 10 October by President Lukashenko that ‘with the degeneration of the situation on the borders of Belarus and the Ukraine, he and President Putin have decided on a joint regional army, to be formed in the next two days’.

This follows the release of information that the Ukraine has grouped 15,000 soldiers on the border with Belarus, mining roads and blowing up bridges. Something is afoot. Is Russia about to cut off the NATO road and rail supply routes from Poland and stop the supply of the Kiev forces with Western military equipment? Is an invasion about to cut through the West of the Ukraine? This would explain the targeting of Lvov with Russian missiles in the last two days. Since 25 March, when the Ukraine was left defeated, it has been revived only by $1.5 billion a month and military supplies coming from NATO countries, nearly all through Poland, with Rzheszow in south-eastern Poland becoming an important supply hub. Since 25 March this has become a war between Russia and the USA, which is hiding behind its poodles in Kiev and Western and Eastern Europe.

The end-game seems to be on the horizon. The winter conditions of November are three weeks away: enough time to get everything in place. Until then Russia can soften up the Ukraine, sending missiles and destroying the buildings of the hated Ukrainian Secret Police (SBU) in Kiev and Lvov and all manner of military and logistical targets and power plants, without which the Ukraine cannot function. However, Russia will still do its best to save Private Ukraina because it wants to save the Ukraine, not destroy it.

And beyond this, there is another, ultimately far more important, issue. This is the world economic war. Only once the USA has started to see the dollar fall and fail and Western Europe has started to suffer from power failures will things move here. On 8 October, an amendment in the European Parliament calling for the exploration of all avenues for peace in the Ukraine was defeated by 436 to 118 votes. Thus, for the moment nearly 80% of the EU Parliament prefers War to Peace. Last March the numbers would probably have been 554 votes to 0. Things are already moving. Does this mean that 20% of the EU has already come to its senses? Public demonstrations against NATO in Germany, France, indeed all over Western Europe, are taking place. It is the beginning.

The end-game for the Ukraine is then on the horizon. However, beyond the struggle in the Slav province of the Ukraine, saving Private Ukraina, there is the question of saving Private Europe, even indeed saving Private Northern America. This is far more difficult. Ukrainians have been zombified for only 30 years (admittedly the Galician far west for 400 years), but Western Europe has suffered a full thousand years of zombification, first under the pyramid-scheme and racketeering of feudalism (‘give us your cattle, corn and coins, or else we’ll send in the knights from the castle’), today under neo-feudalism (’pay your taxes and shut your mouths, or else we’ll cut you off from your bank card and deprive you of everything that makes your life worth living’).

Dezombifying Western people? Well, if you can drive a wedge between the people and the elite, you have begun. But the whole problem of the Western mentality is one of the self-flattery of infallibility. It began 950 years ago, as the Western Pope was declared infallible (1), then it trickled down to all Catholic clergy, but since then the Reformation democratised infallibility to Western men, then in the last hundred years to Western women, and in the last fifty years to all who accept the Western mentality, regardless of their sex, race, creed and, as they say now, ‘sexual orientation’. This is the foundation of the totalitarian ‘liberalism’ of Secular Humanism: ‘The West is Best and therefore so am I’.

Flatter yourselves in your delusions, if you want. It won’t last. The end-game is on the horizon.


1. Article 1 of the 1075 Dictatus Papae (‘Dictated by the Pope’) reads: The Roman Church was founded solely by God. Article 2: Only the Pope can rightly be called ‘Universal’. Article 9: All princes shall kiss the feet of the Pope alone. Article 19: He himself may be judged by no one. And Article 22: The Roman Church has never erred. Nor will it err, to all eternity.

Substitute ‘The West’ for ‘The Roman Church’ and ‘The US President’ for ‘the Pope’, and there you have the whole descendance and origin of the UN, sanctions, the WEF and many other horrors you can name.

11 October 2022


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