Note: It is my pleasure today to submit to your attention a “Serbia and Balkans” SITREP which will be regularly written for the Saker Blog by Marija.  Since this is a first run, please make sure to share your comments, suggestions and criticisms with us.  I believe that a Serbia-centered SITREP is warranted because while the current regime in power is rather uninspiring, the Serbian nation has not exhausted her “resistance potential”.  And now that Russia is on the rise, the EU in shambles and the US/NATO  overstretched dealing with multiple simultaneous crises, the artificially “frozen” situation in the Balkans is about to become fluid again, and Serbia will be at the center of it all.  In a way, keeping an eye on Serbia is like tracking US carrier groups: there might not be much happening right now, but when something happens, we know for sure that they will be at the center of it.

I am very grateful to Marija for her report and I hope many more will follow.

The Saker


In recent days Serbia is faced with the biggest wave of refugees from Syria. A drastic increase in migrants to Europe could be interpreted as an attempt by the US to weaken in this way an influence of Europe, introducing the EU in the “permanent state of emergency.”

Where is the government of Serbia in this serious migrant crisis, which threatens to destabilize Serbia and the issue of security of citizens, as well as in terms of economic, demographic and political situation? Unfortunately, the Serbian government is hiding information about the number of migrants, their origins, their intentions, whether they more or less organized manner helps to continue their journey, as Greece or Macedonia attempt to do, or has made a secret agreement with the EU that this huge number of migrants stop for longer in Serbia.

Who directs migrants to Serbia? In which way they enter Serbia without documents? What is the plan of the government for this long-term migrant problem? These are all questions that this government does not want to answer.

As much as Western Europe is the “staunch ally”, the United States are aware that the EU is its biggest economic rival. In such a situation it was necessary to discredit and over migrant crisis keeps EU under control. US and its strategy of intervention has produced a wave of refugees and that Europe backfired the alliance with the US actions in the Middle East. In this geo-strategic game Serbia is just a collateral damage.

Serbia is in the unenviable position not only because of pressure from Europe, but also because of the intentions of the United States to keep under control all the countries that have good relations with Russia. This strategy is nothing new and dates back to 1999 when the Congress decided not to allow Serbia to be a significant political factor in the Balkans. Nothing to nowadays has changed.

Conciliatory tones of Serbian and Albanian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Edi Rama in Vienna last week ensued after a series of disputes and due to the pressures of the West and the new policy of the US and Germany to the era of conflict to get into the phase of brotherhood and unity.

Serbian government is now in the euphoria because the praise coming from all sides. They do not get the compliments and pat on the back because they work for the good of Serbia, but it is in the interest of those on whose behalf they do. In Serbia everything is for sale and placed under the control of the IMF. If the country continues to sell its enterprises and natural resources, what is left to the authorities to govern and how they manage to preserve the independence and sovereignty of the country.

The Moscow daily Kommersant said that Brussels’ decision to begin negotiations with Serbia on joining the EU by the end of the year, marks the return of the EU policy of active integration of the Balkans into its ranks. Among the key reasons for the return of the EU’s interests for the Balkans indicates the growing increase of Russian influence in the region. This hypothesis is confirmed by the “fight for Serbia, which has lately been activated between Russia and the West as well as conflicts between them in the other Balkan countries.”

While Kosovo is applying for admission to UNESCO and the demand is supported by 44 members of UNESCO, therefore the evidence of the “Yellow House” and suspicions of organ trafficking and what happened to the Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo in 1999 and the achievements of the future of the Court the KLA crimes, in this regard is still questionable.

In the first stage the story is not published because it is considered to have sufficient evidence, but an enormous loss to this case is that the evidence, gathered in 2004 in the Yellow House and sent to The Hague, had been destroyed. American correspondent in the former Yugoslavia, Michael Montgomery, pointed out that the establishment of the truth will be difficult not only because of lack of evidence, but also because it’s been a long time.

But let us wait and see what the Pope has to say to President Nikolic and what will be the “useful” guidelines to offer after visit to the Vatican.

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