One of the sharpest Russian political analysts, Sergei Mikheev, just gave a phone interview following the murder of Zakharchenko.  Here is the original Russian version (sorry, no subtitles available):

The key part is this:

In general, I think it is outrageous that those who must be responsible for the security of Zakharchenko blinked when this terror act happened. As a minimum, yes. If, of course, all this information is indeed confirmed. Because it was absolutely obvious.. it’s not for the first time that the tactic of Ukrainian terrorists – let’s call it like this, it is exactly like that – is tracing travel routes, planting explosive devices, most likely work with informants, and blowing things up by committing terrorist acts. I.e., the handwriting is obvious. This has been happening for already a very long time. So, those who must be responsible for this security should’ve been engaged in these things. Time after time very large lapses take place concerning those who are responsible for security in the DPR. In my opinion it is just a failure by the Donetsk special services and all those who organise and who are responsible for the security of Mr Zakharchenko.

If at least something good can come from this tragic murder, I hope that it will be a substantial reform of the DNR security services and a serious, sustained and determined effort by the Kremlin to provide the needed technical assistance to the DNR/LNR.

The Saker

PS: by the way, there are already eyewitness reports about the extremely poor security which Zakharchenko was given.  Hopefully there will be a serious investigation followed by some major reforms.

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