Dear friends,

My family and I are incredibly lucky.  Just 24 hours ago we were looking at a CAT4 hurricane making landfall just south of us and then slowly moving its eyewall over our county.  Remember Punta Gorda in 2004 or Homestead with Hurricane Andrew?  Something like that was a definite possibility.  Instead, we got a CAT3 whose eye never moved over land (at least not near us) and which at the last moment moved just slightly to the east.  That made a huge difference for us.  I am not sure about that, but my feeling is that we only got CAT1 hurricane force winds.  That is not trivial, I assure you, but it is a sneeze compared to what a major hurricane (CAT3 and higher) can do.  So not only did we survive, but our house survived too.  The storm surge came within 2 inches of flooding us, but 2 inches is all we needed to remain dry.

Tomorrow we plan to return home!

I am, however, totally exhausted.  Only somebody who has lived through the nerve-wrecking countdown of an approaching hurricane followed by the hurricane itself and then followed by the question “do I still have a house?” knows how bad this can be.  So with somebody like me, with major anxiety issues, it is even worse.  I am totally and completely exhausted and I will need some time to recuperate.

So please give me a break until, say, Wednesday, okay?  I just need time to sleep, rest and stare at a ceiling for a few days :-)

Thanks for all your kind words of support and patience with me,

The Saker

PS: for those worried about Syria, I recommend the recent analyses of Alexander Mercouris in the Duran, with whom I completely agree.

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