Dear friends,

My friends at South Front want to make a high quality video on the basis of this article of mine:

However, the current total length of this article is too long for a script of that video.   I simply don’t have the material time to do the script so what I need is a “shortener”, i.e. a person who would be willing to sit down and “squeeze” this article into one shorter text.  The requirements for this task are:

  1. good/decent technical understanding of military affairs
  2. good/decent command of written English
  3. the ability to see what is crucial/essential to an argument and what is not

If you think you can help please email me at vineyardsaker@gmail and put “SHORTENER” in the subject heading.

Hugs and cheers, (and thanks!!)

The Saker

UPDATE: thanks to all those who wrote in to offer their help.  Next either I or SF will contact you all to tell you if you have been selected.  Again, thanks A LOT!!!

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