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The US is manufacturing consent to coup Cuba.  The language used is a clear give-away.  After all these years, now suddenly the ‘Cubans want their Freedom! and of course, the US can give it to them, is the sub-text.

On 23 June 2021, the UN General Assembly voted for the 29th year in a row, in favor of a resolution to demand the end of the US economic blockade on Cuba.  A total of 184 countries voted in favor, with the United States and Israel voting against and to be expected, 3 countries, Colombia, Ukraine, and Brazil – abstained.

A scant 3 weeks later, the message went out that Cuban’s are ‘fighting for their freedom’.  The sheer methodology and crass manufacturing of false information are one of the quickest and the sharpest that we have ever seen.  The US must feel that their reign of terror against Cuba is now seriously coming to an end and they are going all-out to try and manufacture one ‘win’, even if it is against little Cuba. 

And so media after media fall into the manufacturing of consent.

The most egregious was Fox news, who simply deleted pro-Cuban messaging on banners in photos and in videos, to pretend that these were anti-Cuban protests.

In the meantime, there are marches to support Cuba and their revolution in Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama and Mexico, expressing solidarity.

Of course the US does not want to cancel the embargo on Cuba, which is all that is needed. This embargo is written in such lawfare so that few others can even trade with Cuba.

End The Embargo! and let these people live exactly in the way they choose for themselves.

Notable is that we hear crickets on the events in Haiti

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