By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

  • “Biden Imposes Sanctions on Nord Stream 2” –The Hill
  • “Pentagon sending 7,000 more troops to Germany” –Politico
  • “Germany’s own forces more or less blank” –Tagesspiegel

BERLIN. After the German Reich was defeated in World War Two in 1949, its borders were redrawn, some territories went to France and Poland, and Austria was completely separated.

The core German territory, however, was split into two halves.

The smaller half, located to the east and including the capital city, Berlin, became East Germany; and the Soviet Union installed a puppet regime, called the GRD.

The larger half was known as Trizone and split among the victorious Western powers, so it became West Germany. The British, the French and the Americans also installed a puppet regime, called the BRD.

In 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved and set East Germany free. The GRD lost its purpose, and the Germans sought unification.

However, America had no intention to set West Germany free. Washington emboldened the BRD regime to annex East Germany.

History is a great writer who avoids US Guantanamo Bay detention camps. So, the official story line was that of Wiedervereinigung – reunification. It was not a reunification though. It was a take-over.

The BRD is not Germany. The BRD is the post-war interim solution, not a country. It operates on all levels – economically, culturally, militarily – as Washington‘s state department in Europe.

BRD’s top cadres need America’s blessings. Angela Merkel for example was a former GDR cadre and CIA asset. She was selected as next German chancellor in 2005, after Gerhard Schröder refused to support America’s invasion of Iraq.

The propaganda about “democracy” is a charade. The BRD is a socialist regime. Germans cannot elect their leaders.

US president Barack Obama visited Berlin in 2013 and 2017 and simply announced Angela Merkel’s re-election. Her party got barely 12% of the votes, but of course she got the job.

Before Germany became a US colony, it had a share in the world economy of 12%. Today, it is 3.4%. For comparison, Apple, Amazon and Tesla, just 3 US technology companies, have a combined net-worth ($2.08 trillion + $1.5 trillion + $1.01 trillion) higher than the BRD’s entire GDP ($3.5 trillion).

Of the top German companies, 2/3 are at least 50% foreign owned. Traditional firms such as Siemens or Adidas or Deutsche Bank are 70% foreign owned.

The German Reich once was a knowledge powerhouse. The BRD’s best university now ranks just No 65 in the world – Munich in Bavaria, in the post-war US zone. Its scientists must speak American, because German science is dead.

Millions of Germans feel humiliated, but when they dare to suggest that the BRD, just like the GDR, really ought to be flushed down the toilet of bad ideas, they will be destroyed.

The entire BRD is a state security prison, with guards, sneaks and informants on every floor. Dissidents are immediately smeared as terrorists, communists, neonazis or antisemites.

After generations of brainwash, many Germans actually beg America not to withdraw its 36,000 soldiers and nuclear bombs and NSA spies. America is not so bad, they say. America cares for its slaves – it gave us Michael Jackson and McDonald’s, Microsoft computers and cheap deals on eBay. Besides, America protects us from evil Russia and China and Iran, all of whom are clearly sovereign, independent countries and therefore must be hell on earth.

Most Germans refuse to believe that they are colonial subjects, that America keeps German gold, that the BRD must buy American securities, must pay in dollars, that America runs the Internet, runs German foreign policy and dictates global media.

The lying press is complicit. It hails the BRD as an economic success model, because, until 2013, it was for some reason the world’s largest exporter of goods* [*services and rents and wealth creation not included]. The average Germans do not understand that this triumph of the will is actually akin to winning a gold medal in the Paralympics. Only China and India produced cheaper stuff in bulk.

Next is genocide. By 2015, the number of living Germans was the same as in 1936, about 60 million. So, for the last 79 years, the number of Germans was exactly maintained, brutally so, by over 30 million abortions, mass sterilizations and childlessness propaganda. Meanwhile, the world‘s population has quadrupled, from 2 billion to 8 billion.

But when you ask the average German, you will hear the most insane cultish babble, like that children are bad for the climate, or that the 20.5 million non-Germans in the BRD are cultural enrichment.

It is heart-breaking to see ethnic Germans called a “dog race” by a German High Court, and that “they need be exterminated” by a sitting parliamentarian, or that “they must be removed like an appendix” by the regime media. All children are indoctrinated with ‘Hitler shame’ and ‘Nazi guilt’ and must worship America as the liberator.

The BRD regime should have been dismantled alongside the GDR in 1991. Germany should have become its own independent nation. There can be no sovereign European Union with a US satellite in its midst. The BRD is not Germany.

Dr. Pattberg is the author of Shengren, Diary of a Mad Imperialist, The East-West Dichotomy, and The Menticide Manual.

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