It did not take the Ukrainian security services, which are usually not known for their competence, very long to identify the person who tossed the combat grenade at the security forces guarding the Duma: his name is Igor Gumeniuk.

Игорь Гуменюк

Igor Gumeniuk

The official version goes like this: Igor Gumeniuk is a member of the Svoboda Party of Oleg Tiagnibok and a solider of the “Sech” death squad.

This proud Ukrainian patriot had a page in the Russian equivalent of Facebook (Vkontakte) where he posted photos of himself as a formidable nationalist warrior and some of his original “artwork”, including two Russian-made Makarov pistols and some bullets arranged in the form of a Swastika.  A true intellectual indeed.

So yes, he is perfect for the job and he was found in a record time.

Does anybody else get a weird feeling while reading all this?

Let’s think about the cui bono thing again and begin by setting the context.

Yesterday the Ukrainian Rada was debating a completely meaningless proposal by Poroshenko which only pretended to implement the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A) while in reality completely ignoring all the key aspects of this agreement, which include a special status for the Donbass negotiated and drafted jointly with the representatives of Novorussia.  This proposal was a crude fake, an empty pseudo-effort at decentralization.

And while the Rada was debating this non-proposal a picture perfect Nazi tosses a grenade and kills three security officers.  And today, one of the craziest of crazies, Oleg Liashko, has announced that his Radical party was leaving the government coalition and was joining the opposition.

Scary stuff, no?  Don’t you get the feeling that “Poroshenko the Moderate” is about to get overthrown by some really scary Nazis?!


Except that even after the departure of Liashko’s party Poroshenko supporters still control the Rada (they have enough voices for that).  Except that as terrorists go, Mr. Gumeniuk appears to be almost too perfect of a Nazi freak.  Except that the SBU apparently had him arrested almost immediately.  Since when is the SBU so fast?


Oleg Liashko – my favorite Ukronazi freak

Remember how Eltsin used the Pamiats Party and, later, Zhirinovksy as a bogeyman?  Remember how the West was told that if something happened to Eltsin those “extremists” would seize power?  Even Putin played that little game with Zhirinovsky, at least for a little while.  I think that exactly the same is happening in the Nazi occupied Ukraine were the Ukronazi freaks of Svoboda and the Radical Party serve to make the Nazis in power look comparatively sane.

The regime or, should I say, its US handlers, has decided to give Poroshenko a way out of M2A by dangling in front of us the scary specter of a “real Nazi” takeover in the Ukraine (as opposed, I suppose, to the “not quite real Nazi” or “nice Nazi” regime currently in power): “look at how hard Poroshenko tries and look at how evil his enemies are!!  Poor Poroshenko, all he wants is peace and love, and those bad Nazis are now openly threatening him!!

You know what?  Considering how dangerous these extremists are, Poroshenko might not have any other option left to him but to impose even harsher security measures against any dissenters and opponents.  To “save democracy”, of course.

This is all nonsense, of course – a crude spectacle played out to “excuse” Poroshenko for his non-compliance with M2A and a good way to prepare for the next elections by terrorizing the poor Ukrainians with a real bloodbath should they not vote for Poroshenko.

But this is all a smokescreen. Poroshenko still has the full backing of Uncle Sam and that means that he is in full control of the (US-run) security services.  If anything, the Rada attack yesterday and today’s revolt by Liashko only strengthen Poroshenko’s grip on the country.  I don’t know about you – but to me this all stinks of a typical US Psyop.

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