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The expectation expressed by Russia and China is that the US is no longer stable and is becoming dysfunctional and a bigger problem than what is worth to prop up. A retreat, a crash, or a type of retrenchment from the world is imminent.

Top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev co-chaired the 16th round of strategic security consultations on Tuesday, which is a high-level meeting focusing on strategic cooperation in confronting both regional and global security and geopolitical threats.

Quote: China and Russia held a new round of strategic security consultations on Tuesday in Moscow, and during the frequent interactions between the two major powers in recent months, the world has showed a dangerous trend of disorder or tensions in some regions, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Western Pacific, due to global strategic shifts made by the US,

Quote: So Beijing and Moscow must keep close coordination to handle the upcoming situation, including how to establish a new order to replace the US-dominated one once the latter gets totally dysfunctional, Yang Jin said.

Quote: Chinese analysts said that the recent change has been generally caused by the decline of US hegemony, and not only will the US pressure and hostility push China and Russia to stand closer, the decline in Washington’s strength and influence in some regions will also make Beijing and Moscow consider how to figure out new regional order to stabilize the situation and protect their interests after the US pullout.

The similar remarks made by China and Russia toward the US is a clear signal to the world that the US hegemony will no longer be tolerated, and the world order dominated by the US and its allies is unable to keep stability in many regions, and this kind of order is causing more tensions and conflicts, said Chinese experts.

Weapons and nukes

We understand at the Saker Blog, that Russia has the weapons complexes and the ability to defend itself even in this climate of withdrawal from the many weapons treaties. (The US has agreed to extend the New START Treaty)

We also know that the US tried to force China to attend Nuclear Proliferation or Reduction talks with the US, up to the point of staging a meeting to pretend that China did not turn up. China of course had actually declined the invitation, but reading the western media you will not know this.

We accepted that China had not done a major weapons build-out up to now, and if they did, it was muted.

This may be changing in front of our eyes.

China urged the increase of sea-based nuclear deterrents amid US intensified strategic threat –

Those that follow China and its news closely understand that if Hu Xijin says something like this, or writes a column such as this, the build-out of a Chinese nuclear deterrence is in full swing.

In the midst of these happenings, Daniel Ellsberg, the leaker of the Pentagon papers leaked another top secret document. One that he had worked on, and kept secret for 50 years. Parts of it were obtainable but not the full document. He drops a powerful warning of the present threat of nuclear war with Russia and China.

Daniel Ellsberg: This Month We Must Discuss If We Should Go to Nuclear War Over Taiwan, Ukraine or Syria

“Celebrated whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, … now age 90, used the occasion of the April 30-May 1 commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his release of the Pentagon Papers, organized by the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, to reveal that John Foster Dulles had proposed in 1958 that the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend to the President that a nuclear exchange with China be launched in the Taiwan Straits, even though that would mean that Taiwan and its people would be wiped out, for the sole geopolitical purpose of maintaining the United States “position” in the world.


“The 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis, A Documented History,” Ellsberg quoted Dulles’s message to the meeting: “Nothing seems worth a world war … until you looked at the effect of not standing up to its challenge.” The RAND study explained that “the issue then was, would we, as the joint chiefs, recommend the use of nuclear weapons to defend Quemoy, and Matsu, and Taiwan, and possibly use seven- to ten-kiloton weapons with the expectation that … the Soviets would respond and would hit Taiwan.”


“Let them try to jail me for disclosing this still-top secret fact today,” Ellsberg declared, adding that he was revealing the secret because, “I have no doubt whatever, that that discussion is going on in the Pentagon right now…. This is the month we have to be discussing the issue, in public, of whether we should go to nuclear war over Taiwan, or Ukraine, or Syria.”

The Grayzone published a summary:

“Although the circumstances surrounding the U.S.-China conflict over Taiwan have changed dramatically since that stage of the Cold War, the 1958 Taiwan crisis provides a sobering lesson as the US military gears up for a new military confrontation with China.”

Of course the western and specifically the US provocative and unintelligent statements via their media containment complex continue. It is what Andrei Martyanov calls “a very acute case of a bipolar disorder .

Pentagon Special Forces nominee says US should ‘strongly consider’ training Taiwanese guerillas against ‘Chinese invasion’

Whether it is Taiwan, or Xinjiang or Hong Kong or any other area where propaganda can be manufactured, the US mighty Wurlitzer continues.

Sidebar: Anyone that wants to follow the Xinjiang issue more closely can go and catch up with Daniel Dumbrill, specifically two videos:

The Real Potential for a Future Genocide in Xinjiang

and a short follow-up, where he compares and contrasts the Xinjiang sitution with Libya.

Libya Destroyed & ETIM (Xinjiang Terrorism)

This is then the summary of the situation today:

  • Ellsberg warns that the same talks that happened 50 years ago to possibly strike China with nuclear weapons is no doubt happening in the Pentagon today.
  • Yang Jiechi and Nikolai Patrushev states that Russia and China must coordinate in order to establish a new order to replace the US-domination, once the latter gets totally dysfunctional.

Given the stature of Yang Jiechi and Nikolai Patrushev, I would consider the above some of the most significant moves in the world today. There are those who reason that as the US-dominated world order gets more dysfunctional, the urge for them to use nuclear weapons will become stronger. I will leave this here for you to make up your own mind and comment on what you see.

Moves around SARSCoV-2 and its progeny Covid-19 and more leaks

There is also the major US accusation that Covid-19 was a lab leak and China is responsible. Yet China has no history of creating these kinds of bioweapons (if indeed it was created as such) but the US has a rich history of creating and using such weapons.

So why do we always say that Americans are effectively the most brainwashed people in the world? Take a look at what happened to information similar to the Daniel Elsberg Pentagon Papers Leak and his current leak of nuclear planning against China even to the point of demolishing and sacrificing Taiwan.

Godfree Roberts took a specific document and updated and annotated it for clarity. This is called The ISC (Needham) Report. Published at the height of the Korean War, it validated claims by North Korea and China that the US had launched bacteriological warfare (biological warfare, BW) attacks against both troops and civilian targets in those two countries over a period of several months in 1952.
The Report of the International Scientific Commission for the Investigation of Facts Concerning Bacteriological Warfare in Korea and China (the ISC report)

The cleaned up, updated and annotated version is available for Kindle on Amazon for a small amount here. ,

And a free copy (not very readable) is available here

If you wonder why the Americans have not seen this, or have not known about it, this will give you all the information.

Jeffrey Kaye says:

Do you wonder why China is asking serious questions?

Beijing called on the US to explain a respiratory disease outbreak in northern Virginia in July, 2019 and a large-scale outbreak of e-cigarette disease in Wisconsin. “When will the US release detailed data and information on relevant cases to the international community? The United States owes an explanation to the international community.”  Read full article →

Can you imagine what will happen if China is kinetically attacked? A big part of the US industrial base is now in China. The US would be attacking its own sources of food, commodities, and its own supply chain. Looking at Elsberg’s ‘warning’ is this not a spectacular example of insane short-term thinking?

To end this section, taking the previous summary and adding one point, it looks like this:

  • Ellsberg warns that the same talks that happened 50 years ago to possibly strike China with nuclear weapons is no doubt happening in the Pentagon today.  Is the Ellsberg warning more serious than what we think?
  • Yang Jiechi and Nikolai Patrushev states that Russia and China must coordinate in order to establish a new order to replace the US-dominated one, once the latter gets totally dysfunctional.
  • The US has clearly and unequivocally used bioweapons (even excluding Vietnam), in the past, and hidden this.

Conclusion: Unfortunately the mindset has not changed and the actions have not changed since the time described in both the Ellsberg report, or the reveals of the Needham report. This is currently the danger and is what we mean by doubling-down.

Following on from the last China Sitrep, we have banking news, a cute helicopter and drone soccer.

E-Hang’s electric VT-30 travels 300km in 100 minutes. With eight propellers, two fixed wings, and a propeller at the rear, it achieves a balance of hybrid lift and push, so needs no runway. Its tri-redundant, fly-by-wire controls can be flexibly altered for multiple modes, implying a much higher safety level for the aircraft. Read full article  →

Chinese scientists set a new world record of achieving a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds in the latest experiment on Friday, a key step toward the test running of a fusion reactor. Read full article  →

China dominates consumer and commercial drones globally, and 369 exhibitors showcased 2,000 drone products in Shenzen this week. Mini drones the size of a wristwatch hovered next to cargo drones like four-seater planes. Kids played 3v3 drone soccer before a crowd of adoring parents.  Read full article  →

(They also say they need a million drone pilots!)

The Maglev trains are just running faster:  A groundbreaking ceremony launched a 620 mph maglev test line. The train uses superconducting magnetic levitation to disengage from the ground to eliminate frictional drag and a near-vacuum internal duct lines to dramatically reduce air resistance to achieve its speed. Read full article  →

European BRI Rail Freight rose 100% in 2020.  Austria’s Rail Cargo Group (RCG) transported 70,000 TEUs across BRI routes and, compared to 2019, doubled its Eurasian volumes and reached an all-time high of 700 trains running on these routes, This year, the company aims to run 1,000 freight trains. Read full article →

China ramped up its Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) and set up clearing banks at all major offshore yuan trading hubs, like Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Frankfurt. The CIPS clearing system operates during work hours of financial markets in every time zone. Read full article from our favorite Pekingologist →

Historical piece from the 2ndWW: The secret deportations: how Britain betrayed the Chinese men who served the country in the war

During the second world war, Chinese merchant seamen helped keep Britain fed, fuelled and safe – and many gave their lives doing so. But from late 1945, hundreds of them who had settled in Liverpool suddenly disappeared. Now their children are piecing together the truth

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