By Blake Archer Williams for the Vineyard of the Saker

The Syrian government’s last push to get rid of foreign and domestic terrorists from its soil started on December 19th, and has met with great success. Since then, over 1,200 square kilometers of territory have been liberated.

The main frontline of the war is currently to the area southeast of Idlib city, with gains having taken place as follows:


Sarāqīb, which is shown as having been surrounded in the above map, has been liberated, as have Sarmīn, Afs, Duweir, Talafa, and Zammār:


Here is a picture of a sign posted outside Safāqīb by the Takfiri terrorists. It says: “Shī’a Beware” (although the term it uses for the Shi’a is the pejorative term which the takfiris use (which unfortunately consists of many if not most Sunnis): rawāfed.


The Syrian army will continue its march of liberation northwards. As can be seen in the second map, the next towns to the east and northeast of Idlib City are Binish, Fū‘a, and Kafraya. These small towns are mentioned in this short clip in which these takfiri terrorists have been captured vowing not to abandon Binish and threatening to kill the Shi’a of Fū‘a, and Kafraya:

Here is another video clip of the “democratic rebels” in Idlib teaching a child how to sing about the slaughter of Shi’as and Alawites while waving a knife and celebrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Here is the link to the thread by HadiNasrallah for those who want to learn more about this:

And here is an earlier clip showing the “moderate rebels” taunting a 12-year old boy before they cut his head off:

Here are some pictures of one of those “rebels”, Hamza Al Kateab, whose wife was given an award by the British equivalent of the Oscars for a propaganda film she made in support of these scum:


Hamza Al Kateab wearing a tuxedo at BAFTA where his wife won an award for her propaganda film

D:\Arash\Pictures\EP8aC0LWkAAZ2UV 2.png

Hamza with child beheader Maayouf Abu Bahr

D:\Arash\Pictures\EP8aC0RWoAETGkG 3.jpg

Hamza again with Maayouf

D:\Arash\Pictures\EP8aC0SX4AMX3Qm 4.jpg

Maayouf & Friends before they beheaded 12 yr old Abdallah Issa

And now the US is petitioning the United Nations to help it and its Europoodle accomplices stop the Syrian Army from eradicating these “people”. You can’t make this stuff up: truth is stranger than fiction.


Meanwhile, in other news… encouraged by the success of the electoral campaign of a self-confessed cork-sucker in Iowa, Sultan Erdogan, one of the main sponsors of these terrorists, has decided to come clean:


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