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There still is not a good understanding of what this news blackout out of Russia is doing.  It is one of the most important issues for us to deal with.  But let me repeat what this Sitrep is and supposed to be.  This is not in a sequence of importance and you will be looking at my daily raw research data in point and snippet form and not in any analytical presentation. Let’s see if we can help some with the information gap.

So, we have a new website, called  Nice yes, but where is Mr Putin’s speech of yesterday?.  Surely we must track the fakes but surely we must have the most important man out there if he speaks.  This has now become a crusade because these bastards (oops Amarynth!  We’re not supposed to use this language!) are now interfering with my own ability to make my own choices to hear out who I want to hear out.

Let’s go to PressTV.  This journalist lives in the US. You can read it here.

Beyond NATOstan, millions root for Russia,-millions-root-for-Russia

and this is the video

Mr Wang schooled Lil’Blinky again. (But Lil’Blinky has rotten bad yogurt between his ears)!

We also encourage the US, NATO and the EU to hold fair talks with Russia and face up to contradictions and problems that have been piled up for a number of years, putting an emphasis on the negative impact on Russia’s security environment of the NATO’s continued expansion eastward. It’s hoped that the creation of a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism will be pursued based on the principle of inseparable security, Wang said.

The BBC has gone into the education business  ….. Here they teach how to throw Molotov Cocktails

Mastercard and Visa withdrew services from Russia, but the Russian cards will work for transactions inside of Russia.  Transborder transactions will not be available.

Russian “Mir” cards are accepted in a number of countries:

▫️ Turkey
▫️ UAE
▫️ Vietnam
▫️ Armenia
▫️ Belarus
▫️ Uzbekistan
▫️ Kyrgyzstan
▫️ Tajikistan
▫️ Kazakhstan
▫️ Kyprus

However MIR and Sovcombank signed an agreement with China’s Unionpay back in mid February.  These conglomerates are just handing their customers to China and then in a year or two, we are going to see the cry:  China took our business, in the same vein of China took our jobs.  I cannot believe the insanity.

Let me tell you what this means for us here at the Saker Blog.  I have just received a note from a very kind person who donated to us.  This person is letting me know that the donation will probably not be able to continue, as his credit card will stop working in a few days.  If this person should check in here all I can say is:  Blessings to you my friend.  You have done what you could do, and we can only do what we can do, and we appreciate your donation enormously!    

Again, I cannot believe the insanity and the casual disregard for the ordinary person.

Update:  It has since been confirmed that Russia is switching its whole system to UnionPay.  UnionPay, an international payment system founded in 2002, received international status in 2005. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company reportedly operates in more than 180 countries across the globe, including Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Cyprus, Thailand, India, Israel, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

This may only be reporting because there is nothing else to report.  Nevertheless, it fits the western way of war, which is well explained by Andrei Martyanov in his video yesterday.

US draft plans for government-in-exile, guerrilla war in Ukraine – reports (AKA, here comes Juan Guaido concept re-created.  It did not work then and will not work now).

The US and its allies are quietly working on “contingency plans” in case Russian forces succeed in their operation in Ukraine and force the current government into exile, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

The prospect of the Russian troops seizing the Ukrainian capital of Kiev has sparked “a flurry of planning” at the US State Department, the media outlet has reported. Washington allegedly expects the weapons America and its allies are currently pumping into Ukraine to be used during the protracted “insurgency” war they expect to follow. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is given a role of “the pivotal force” rallying Ukrainians to continue fighting Russia, according to reports.

The tenth day of the military operation was a relatively quiet day probably because of various stops and starts to attempt to create humanitarian corridors.

▪️ A silence regime was imposed in Mariupol and Volnovakha and humanitarian corridors were opened to evacuate civilians – but no one ever arrived through them, only a few dozen managed to escape ( under gunfire

▪️ The Russian Ministry of Defense reported ( that the nationalists are not letting residents out and are using the silence regime to reinforce their positions, due to the unwillingness of the Ukrainian side to influence the nationalists or extend the silence regime, offensives were resumed

▪️ Putin also said ( that the destruction of military infrastructure in Ukraine, including aircraft and air defense, is almost complete, and that there are many different options for demilitarizing Ukraine, they are on the table for negotiations with Kiev

▪️ Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Bennett, who arrived in Moscow and was asked by Zelensky to mediate, discussed Ukraine in the Kremlin, followed by Bennett calling Zelensky and flying to talks with Scholz.

(The aftereffect of this one is that this ‘mediation attempt’ not only failed but may have influenced Russia/Israel relations negatively).

Putin: Russian companies will have the right to pay debts to creditors from countries that commit ‘unfriendly actions’ in rubles.

Effectively Russia is calling a force majeure and defaulting on debts (Dollar and EU denominated) to unfriendly countries.  Remember some time ago Maria Zakharova said that they are compiling such a list of unfriendly countries.  This according to my knowledge is a legitimate use of force majeure and of course, anyone that wants their debts paid, can have rubles.

Ollie Vargas reports from Bolivia: Bolivia was exporting fertilizer (urea) for $300 per tonne until last week. International price is now $900 per tonne since sanctions on Russia started and Russia stopped loading fertilizer for export.  Bolivia built its own nationalized fertilizer factory.  Brazil closed theirs after the neoliberal turn. Now, the price of urea and ammonium is going through the roof due to Ukraine conflict. Those who import it will be hit with severe inflation on foodstuffs.  (Yes, we know that some methods of food production and farming do not use fertilizer).

Putin to Erdogan just a little while ago:

Kiev must cease fighting and fulfill all of Moscow’s demands in order for the Russian invasion of Ukraine to stop, President Vladimir Putin told Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday.

Moscow’s ‘special operation’ in the neighboring country “will come to a halt only if Kiev stops its military action and fulfills the demands of Russia, which are well known,” Putin explained during the phone call, according to the Kremlin’s press service.

The president assured Erdogan that Russia is ready for dialogue with the Ukrainian side, as well as with foreign partners, in order to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

However, he warned that any attempts to drag out the negotiations, which could be used by Ukraine to regroup its forces and assets, will be “self-defeating.”

I found this in one of the Telegram channels and even translated, it tells the story.  So, we will end with this.

(Please note I do not know if these are real ‘military experts’ but the information is sound).

Military expert Kotenok:
The situation is especially difficult in Kharkiv, where the local resistance is led by the most “select Nazis,” the expert noted in a conversation with FAN.

“In Kharkiv, former Ukrainian Interior Minister Avakov on the spot coordinates the actions of the National Guard, including Azov (banned in the Russian Federation). Selected units of the SDF are deployed there. It is difficult to predict when the Russian troops will manage to liberate the city,” says the military expert. There is too much evidence of the bad situation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: distribution of weapons to civilians, release of maniacs and criminals from prisons, inviting terrorists from Europe. Among those defending Mariupol are fighters from Croatia. There are representatives of American PMCs in the ranks of the tehro-defence forces. Fighters from the Kosovo Liberation Army have expressed a desire to come to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s split along the line of attitude toward the “Russian world” reached its apogee. “Many years of pumping the country with weapons from the West and encouraging anti-Russian sentiments among Ukrainians have borne fruit, and the Russian military operation is designed to remove this “tumor. Today, all Ukrainians are faced with a choice – either take up arms and renounce their kinship with the Russians, or stay at home or go abroad, but retain their humanity,” Kotenok expressed his opinion.

Some in Russia are frightened by the very fact of negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership, talking about “Minsk-3,” that “the liberation of Ukraine is about to be leaked.”

“In my opinion, there will be no stopping the special operation, because the fight in this case is not even for Ukraine, it is for the fate of Russia. In its course we must give the answer to the question – can we stand as a single community, as a Russian civilization? It is ridiculous to talk about bargaining with a nationalist regime. Our task is to force it to capitulate on Russia’s terms. We must persistently advance deep into Ukrainian territory, liberate new spaces, and demonstrate unwavering peacefulness to the locals. Much also depends on how quickly we can defeat selective units of radicals at the front, and force the top leadership of Ukraine to capitulate,” the military expert stressed.

We should not expect that the Russian army will easily, at a gallop through the territory of Ukraine, liberate it, and immediately there will be a happy life, he pointed out.

“A military operation, especially such a complex one, is not a quick process. No sane expert will tell you exactly how long it will last. All talk about “blitzkrieg” and “little victorious war” is for lovers of “kitchen battles” and fortune-tellers. Russia is holding back a heavy information attack of the West and we have to go to the end to our aim, – Yury Kotenok says. – These days Russian militaries are clearly fulfilling their task and are moving forward. Yes, there are losses in manpower and equipment, but they are far from as great as Ukrainian propaganda is trying to show. Yes, our troops are hampered by disgusting weather, stretched communications and the obstacles put by the enemy in the form of undermining bridges, roads, etc. But this will not affect the final outcome of the military operation. Ukraine must be liberated from the Nazis and wrested from the clutches of the West,” the military expert summarized.


This will be an important update and there seems to be a lot more.  I will publish all I have tomorrow:

  • The facts of the emergency cleansing by the Kiev regime of the traces of the military biological program being implemented in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of Defense, have been revealed – Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published an instruction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the destruction of pathogens and acts of destruction in the Poltava and Kharkiv biological laboratories
  • The received documents confirm that in the Ukrainian biological laboratories, in the immediate vicinity of the territory of Russia, the development of biological weapons components was carried out. In order to prevent disclosure of the facts of violation by the United States and Ukraine of Article 1 of the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health sent an instruction to all biological laboratories to urgently eliminate stored stocks of dangerous pathogens.
  • In the near future, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation intends to present the results of the analysis of the received documents


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