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We are all struggling to find enough information and data about the special operation in the Ukraine as a result of major data suppression by the west.  I am located in an area that has not throttled the flow and can attempt to bring new information as it breaks from many varied sources.  Let’s see how this goes.  This is not in a sequence of importance and you will be looking at my daily raw research data in point and snippet form and not in any analytical presentation.  Let’s see if we can help some with the information gap.

Due to the unwillingness of the Ukrainian side to influence the nationalists or extend the ceasefire, offensive operations have been resumed from 18:00, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva said that Volodymyr Zelensky left Kyiv and is on the territory of the American embassy in Poland.

Putin explainer:  Why the special operation went beyond  Donbass – Moscow wanted to prevent the West from helping “nationalists”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that he chose to attack Ukraine beyond the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) to prevent the West from “endlessly” supplying “nationalists and radicals” with various resources, such as weapons and money. He added that the Russian forces were “practically done” destroying Ukrainian military sites, such as air defenses and weapons depots.

India wants to bypass dollar to keep trading with Russia

India is in search of efficient tools to skirt around the latest penalties imposed on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, as New Delhi looks to keep trade with Moscow going, Indian media reports.

Among the options reportedly being considered are making settlements via foreign financial institutions that don’t operate in countries that have supported the punitive measures against Russia, routing payments through minor Russian lenders unaffected by the SWIFT ban, and boosting its rupee-ruble arrangement.

Take a good look at the final sentence here, and you will know Russia’s stance.  We will be forced to revise your future, Maria says.

This guy reportedly from other sources that saw it go down, was gunned down in full daylight in the street.  There are very clear fractures in the Ukrainian organization to be seen

Reported from another channel: In Kiev, right outside the Pechersky Court, SBU officers killed Kireev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Gomel negotiations with Russia. Allegedly “for treason.
That is, they slapped him without trial. An official. In the center of Kiev.
Apparently, Zelensky himself could be next. All the more the thesis about “three attempts upon his life” has already been thrown in. And where there are 3 virtual ones, there will be the 4th one, the real one.

As for the humanitarian corridor in Mariupol, it is not going to happen today. The Nazis do not want to let go of the human shield.
All this is already familiar from Syria.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky is looking to provoke a conflict between NATO and Russia – FM Lavrov

Russia will not forget London cooperation with nationalists in Ukraine and the Kiev regime, the supply of weapons that are used against the military of the Russian Federation – Russian Foreign Ministry

#Opinion by Maria Zakharova, Russian MFA Spokeswoman

Ukrainian FM Kuleba: “Russian FM Lavrov spreads disinfo by falsely alleging Ukraine wants to restore its nuclear arsenal. Once again: This is a cynical, blatant lie by Russia who itself fires at nuclear facilities in Ukraine. Safe zones must be established around them to prevent disaster in Europe.”

💬 #Zakharova: Just look at what kind of turncoats they are! Simply read their statements, read what the Ukrainian leadership has been saying publicly. There was also more said, behind the scenes.

This is how it goes:

💬 Secretary of the National Security Council Alexander Turchinov, April 2018:
“With all these events behind us, we can draw a conclusion that few will like. Giving up nuclear weapons was our historical mistake. The security guarantees are not even worth the paper on which they were written.”

💬 Head of the Servant of the People parliamentary group Davyd Arakhamia, July 29, 2021:
“I think that Kravchuk made a fatal mistake by getting rid of nuclear weapons after signing a meaningless memorandum. Basically, this mistake has been haunting us ever since. It dwarfs all the other mistakes by all other presidents. Had we been a nuclear power, everyone would have talked to us and sought to reach agreements in a different manner.”

💬 President Vladimir Zelensky, February 19, 2022:
“Since 2014, Ukraine has made three attempts to convene consultations of guarantor countries under the Budapest Memorandum. All three failed. Today, Ukraine is making its fourth attempt, which is my first attempt as President. Make no mistake, this is the last try for me, and for Ukraine. I am seeking to initiate consultations under the Budapest Memorandum, and instructed the Foreign Minister to convene the them. If they do not take place yet again or do not result in security guarantees for our state, Ukraine will have the right to view the Budapest Memorandum as a dead letter, which calls into question the entire package of decisions adopted in 1994.”

A number of Western channels announced that they would stop broadcasting in Russia shortly after Russia promulgated a law banning fakes about the Russian Armed Forces.

1. CNN
2. CBS News
3. Bloomberg
4. ABC News
5. BBC
6. CBC

The list will obviously continue to grow.

From Kadyarov

Chechens know how they were covered by terrorists, they know the price of a peaceful sky, and how hard it is for civilians to take care of their families. That is why they sincerely empathize.

In the hardest of times civilians need not only protection, but also a sense of security. And as long as the Chechens are around, they will have it.
Citizens of Ukraine, don’t be afraid, Chechens are defenders!

There are many reports of humanitarian aid now reaching liberated towns and villages.

Back from the front. The DNR army continues to advance, liberating settlements. There are humanitarian problems in almost every village.

A resident of one of the villages told us that while retreating, the Ukrainian soldiers looted the local store. Naturally, there was no help from the AFU or the National Security Forces, on the contrary: they were actively robbing and looting.

At first, the military helped, for the first time. Now, on the way back, we encountered an EMERCOM vehicle – humanitarian aid was on its way to the liberated and cleared out settlements: basic foodstuffs and medicines. In the near future, all issues will be resolved by the DNR administration. With the sounds of war gradually receding to the west, settlements that have been under occupation for eight years are returning to normal life…

More updates for this day to follow.  No, the Russians are not retreating, they are not undisciplined, they are not losing.  Mariupol is in severe danger as civilians are not allowed to leave and they are being used as human shields.

Do take in Andrei Martyanov:

As was expected, Nazis didn’t allow civilians to use humanitarian corridors opened by Russian Army because they need human shield. The offensive resumed. Not to be forgotten–thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors and students are held hostage by Ukraine’s nazi formations. India alone has around 1500 students held hostage in Kharkov (in Russian). So, this is what Russian Army has to deal with. A familiar pattern, don’t you agree?

Putin spoke bluntly about the whole ordeal and confirmed what we already know that VSU ceased to exists as armed forces and is mostly a collection of separate formations surrounded in what amounts to Wehrmacht’s “festungs” of the Red Army’s Operation Bagration of 1944, when the whole Germany Army Group “Center” was demolished in a matter of two-three weeks. After five weeks Red Army reached Warsaw. Some parallels could be drawn here, but only some.


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