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I got a very interesting email recently, so I asked it’s author – “Persia” – for the permission to publish it and submit it to you.  Here it is.

The Saker


I would like to give a couple of thoughts about the secret society called Skull and Bones at Yale University.  Reading the wonderful interview of Saker’s with Paul Craig Roberts and hearing what Dr. Roberts had to say about Skull and Bones, I felt that Skull and Bones was probably not very interested in a man like PCR.  With the independence that he has, unless he’s looked into it himself in his spare time, PCR probably doesn’t have first hand knowledge.  Skull and Bones looks for ‘team players’ in a way that he would never submit to.

Yale graduates used go to Europe to finish their education.   Yale was considered the very best of the American colleges in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Atlantic American families sent their scions to Yale, as the creme de la creme of American high society has always associated within its own ranks for business and pleasure.  The sons and also now the daughters of families such as the Tafts and the Bushes are sent to Yale because at Yale these rich kids will be eligible to join Skull and Bones.  If one sibling doesn’t join for whatever reason, another will, so the families keep their connections linked for generations through the club.  After graduating from Yale – Skull and Bones – these people join the white collar work force. The Wall Street banks, corporations and also the American government ‘train their own’.

Yale College was infested with Skull and Bones in the early 1800’s,  Supposedly it was a Masonic Lodge that was imported by a couple of overseas students, men coming back from Europe or Britain.  This was the first of its kind, a fraternity club that was secret.  It remains a mystery why they called it Skull and Bones.  The emblem of the skull and crossbones is an old symbolic pirate flag, and it is said that the Templars used it on their ships during their persecution on the high seas.  The emblem is an ancient occult symbol of secret knowledge and the Masons claim to be descended from the Templars.  Nowadays the many fraternity clubs throughout the Ivy League colleges such as Scroll and Key all have their own symbols.  But the Skull and Bones is the most important of all, because of the wealth concentrated there.

Only 15 men, and within the past half century women such as Hillary Clinton, are ‘tapped’ or invited to join Skull and Bones each year from second year students.  They are only in the club for a year and then move on, but they never lose their membership.  Their fathers and grandfathers are all members of Skull and Bones.  It runs in the wealthy families mainly of the eastern seaboard and to become a member is very exclusive. Its a lifetime membership with the mailing list and party invitations including all members.

Here is a sample of how Skull and Bones was viewed by other students at Yale.  These verses were written in 1873 by a fellow student on behalf of all the students who were not ‘tapped’ to join Skull and Bones: (the capital letters were in the original)

We come before the college now on Justice’s side arrayed,
To claim redress for open wrongs that Vandal ( club) hands have made,
To give a college sentiment, expression bold and free,
Asserting each man’s native right, if such a thing there be.

We represent no clique or clan, but HONEST MEN  and true
Who never will submit to that which FIFTEEN men may do,
Who feel the shameful yoke that long has on the college lain,
And who propose to do their best to break that yoke in twain.

We represent the neutral men, whose voices must be heard,
And never can be silenced by a haughty look or word.
Of those whose influence here at Yale would be but void and null
Did they not wear upon their breasts TWO CROSSED BONES AND A SKULL.

– The poem goes on to describe how every faculty in the college has been taken over by S&B members.  The members do not represent the best and greatest of the college ‘guys’, but are men who are willing to submit to a secret law that no one knows except the other members.  Its a long poem, so I’ll give you this, and then the last verses:

We offer no objections to their existing clan,
No one disputes with them this right, we question but the plan

(and the last 3 verses)

O fellow students, who with us revere these classic halls,
O ye across whose pathway bright, their sacred glory falls,
Ye men of every class who feel our Alma Mater’s care,  (Alma Mater is a sacred thing in college life)
Shall college life beneath these elms, this loathsome aspect wear ?

Shall none assert the right to act, as to each seemeth best,
But cringe and fawn to him who wears a DEATH’S HEAD  on his breast ?
Nay, let all rise and break the spell whose sickly glamour falls,
About all that originates within those brown stone walls   (S&B’s ‘headquarters is a completely windowless rectangular building on the campus at Yale)

And if they will not hear our claims, or grant the justice due,
But still persist in tarnishing the glory of the blue,
Ruling this little college world, with proud, imperious tones,
Be then the watchword of our ranks, – DOWN DOWN WITH SKULL AND BONES!

The information I’m sharing is from a book written in the 1980’s.  The author’s name is Anthony Sutton.  He was on the faculty of Stanford University for a year or so, but his main area of expertise was industrial technology.  He became one of the very first whistle-blowers of the elites’ global take-over.   He wrote several books on ‘Technology and Russia’,  which involved the question, ‘Did Russia really have the technology to be such an ‘ogre’ as the White House was leading America to believe ?”.  Sutton’s experience and training in industrial technology led him to disbelieve this.  After writing a few more books with titles like “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” and “Wall Street and Bolshevism”,  someone anonymously sent him the only documents that have ever been exposed about the fraternity of Skull and Bones.  In Dr Sutton’s own words, “Then a year or so ago, I received an eight-inch batch of documents – nothing less than the membership lists of an American secret society.  Glancing through the sheets it was more than obvious – this was no ordinary group.  The names spelled Power, with a capital P.  As I probed each individual, a pattern emerged…and a formerly fuzzy world became crystal clear.”.

He wrote a book called ‘America’s Secret Establishment’.  Its a strange masterpiece by a brave and solitary man.  After writing 5 volumes on Technology and Russia, and then The Wall Street Series, he wrote his final book pulling into perspective the global take-over by a few elite families.  The Skull and Bones club is so secret that the only other really good book on it is by a guy whose father was in the CIA.  Kris Milligan was a devoted pupil and friend of Anthony Sutton and sadly, he says in his own book, ‘Fleshing Out Skull and Bones’ that Anthony Sutton was just beginning to promote a new edition of ‘America’s Secret Establishment’, when he suddenly died of “unknown causes”.

Anthony Sutton describes how Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush Senior was one of the infamous Wall Street Nazi bankers.  Sutton tells how Prescott Bush, acting as an older member or ‘patron’ of Skull and Bones, was initiating freshly tapped recruits.   It was a routine adventure that all new members go through, and this particular initiation involved going on a night excursion to a tomb and raiding it.  It was Geronimo’s tomb.  Who was Geronimo ?  Geronimo was the last rebel Indian.  He was the great leader of the Native America Indian Resistance during their final round-up.    The wealthy families were again taking land from the natives and now forcing them into reservations, breaking the promises to not encroach any more on the inhabitants of North America.  Geronimo was fighting the good fight against this final indignation, and of course he was eventually captured.  He was never allowed to return to his own people and for the rest of his life he was kept under a kind of house arrest.  After he died, his body was put in a grave that was not kept secret or given any honor.   A few years later, during the 20th century, the Skull and Bones’ new recruits, with ‘Patron’ Prescott Bush in the lead, stole Geronimo’s skull out of the lonely grave.

Some years later Geronimo’s tribe and relatives demanded his bones be brought to their reservation and re-buried.  But when the skeleton was exhumed from the grave, the skull was missing.  Ned Anderson, Geronimo’s descendant fought a court battle for the dignity of the great Native American Leader.  During the proceedings Ned Anderson learned about the raid and theft of Geronimo’s skull by Prescott Bush during a Skull and Bones Initiation rite.  He was probably given the information by an anonymous member of Skull and Bones. In the end, Skull and Bones surrendered three different skulls, one being the skull of a child.  But Geronimo’s skull was never surrendered.

I saw an interview with John Kerry, long before he joined the White House Administration.  The interviewer suddenly asked Kerry about Skull and Bones.  Senator Kerry became noticeably uncomfortable and changed his leg positions a couple of times.  He laughed and said it was a secret club and being a member he couldn’t say much.  The interviewer asked him if there was any ritual stuff in Skull and Bones.  He laughed again and said “Yeah a little, its really a joke, we don’t take it seriously.”

What I’m about to say may seem far fetched to many people today.  Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian occultist, 1861 – 1925, who helped with his      advice to inaugurate Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, and Anthroposohical Medicine, as well as giving over 6000 lectures on the Spirituality of Man in our time, has said that any ritual work, done anywhere, such as the celebration of the church service, or the small amount of ritual work done in a secret society, has tremendous effects in the spiritual world.  This happens even if people attending the ritual don’t take it seriously.

And, I would like to add by the way, that the spiritual world is full of beings, not just good beings and dead people.  There are evil beings in the spiritual world too.

So do you think that the skull of Geronimo, the world’s strongest and bravest Native American Indian is not used in ritual work at Skull and Bones ?

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