Dear friends

This week end my family and I have to move from the house we initially rented after the hurricane to a cheaper location.  Frankly, I don’t know what the new place will look like or, worse, what kind of Internet it will have (it has some kind of connection, but I don’t have any details).  Which means that what we could save from the flood and which we took with us we will have to move it all again to our new location.

In practical terms this means the following:

  • There might be a few days where I cannot access the Internet or work on the blog
  • I should retain the ability to email, but I will only reply to urgent messages.
  • I will try to avoid this as best can be, but there might be a little longer lag time for moderation

I have all the reasons to believe that by mid-week we should have settled down and have the conditions we need to work.  One way or another, but I will keep you posted (updating from my cellphone if needed).

I ask for your understanding and and patience.

Next, I have a request.

I have just listened to the almost 4 hours long Putin speech and Q&A at the Valdai conference.  I am under no illusions as to how this event was “covered” by the “free and democratic” “press” in the Hegemony (aka Zone A).

My question is address only to those who live in the Multipolar Free World (aka Zone B) and it goes as follows:

  • How much coverage, if any, did Putin’s speech at the Valdai Club and the subsequent Q&A get in your country?
  • Could you watch the full video or, at least, read the full transcript?
  • What about the Q&A – was it made available to you?
  • What kind of comments, if any, did this event elicit in your country?

I ask this because this was, yet again, one of Putin’s most important speeches and it was full of extremely important messages, especially to those capable of “reading between the lines”, understand his references and know Putin’s body language.  From watching the video I get the feeling that the participants to the event felt its importance.  But what I would like to know is did that event have any ripples and, if yes, how big, in your country?

I would be thankful for any information and comments.

Kind regards and many thanks!


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