Okay, now we know: yesterday panic about a US attack on Syria was all about the “invincible Tsahal” making the usual symbolic attack against some “Iranian” forces in Syria.  These guys were so totally macho and cool that they did not even bother informing Russia, and so totally loyal that they did inform the USA.  The final score is as follows:

  1. 5 out of 8 missiles intercepted (you can see some photos of the results of this, basically failed, attack here)
  2. 14 personnel killed, including 2 Iranians
  3. The invincible Tsahal once again proves that besides murdering Palestinian civilians en masse it can also fire a few missiles from Lebanese airspace
  4. Besides the already galactic-size Zio-egos nobody will be impressed
  5. For some mysterious reason, anti-Semitism will continue to be “alarmingly on the rise” worldwide

That latter phenomenon should really worry us tremendously as it can lead to such disgusting scenes as this cowardly stoning of a peaceful Israeli military vehicle by a Palestinian terrorist:

The lesson here for all of us is simple: don’t panic or even reach conclusions if/when the US attack on Syria is reported.

First, there is a fair chance that Trump might decide to go for a symbolic attack.  That would be anything under 100 cruise missiles fired at 1-4 targets (and their associated air defenses) and would probably not include government buildings in Damascus.

Second, if there is a real, full-scale US attack on Syria, expect no less than several hundred cruise missiles fired in the first wave of attack, followed by a probably smaller, but possibly similar sized, second wave.  Should that happen you will get first reports of not Syrian air defenses engaging the incoming missiles, but also Russians ones.  There is a strong possibility that at this point Russian military personnel will be reported killed and that, in turn, will probably lead to Russian counter-strikes on US forces with everything that implies.

By the way, there is no reason for the USN to risk their surface ships in such an attack.  The US has converted several SSBNs (“boomers” with sea-launched ICBMs) into a SSGN (cruise missile carrier) each one of them capable of firing 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles.  I don’t know where they currently are deployed, all I am saying that the US does have options, including launching a large amounts of cruise missiles from submarines which would be far less exposed to Russian retaliation, especially if the Navy provides the US SSGNs with aircover (which it definitely can).

Bottom line: don’t mistake the Israeli (or French) clowns for the US armed forces.

As for Syria, let’s see what happens today at the UNSC meeting called by Russia.

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