We are so pleased to introduce you to Zapek, a Saker Volunteer who creates disruptive technologies to change our worlds.  Simply stated, Zapek creates technological solutions.  Even more simply stated, those could be anything from the next space flight to a smart fridge.

If you need software and programming assistance, Zapek is your Man!  And don’t forget to ask all your kids, all your kids friends, everyone that you know in the business world to take a look at Zapek’s Skills.

Zapek works and solves problems right in the guts of the software world.

– Android apps
– RESTful API backends
– Desktop clients
– Web development


  • Submarine Reader: an engine to fetch articles from a wordpress-enabled site
  • AutoConnect: an app to make automatic wifi connections
  • stuntzurl: an app to open .URL files (Internet Explorer bookmarks)
  • I’m sleeping: an app to automatically put the phone into silent mode
  • GVApp: Android version of the Geneva Airport‘s official application (version 1)




  • Ambient: an open source desktop similar to the Workbench or Directory Opus
  • DiskState: a tool to detect an invalidated partition
  • libmath64: 64-bit math library for SAS/C
  • Microdot 2: a mail user agent
  • Voyager: a web browser
  • VFlash: a Flash player plugin for Voyager
  • ZBlank: a simple screen blanker
  • zvnc: a lightweight, display-less VNC client

Operating Systems

  • CaOS: an AmigaOS-like operating system written for embedded devices
  • MorphOS: an AmigaOS-like operating system written for PPC desktop devices


Contact Zapek directly from his home page :https://zapek.com/




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