Dear friends,

I just wanted to let you know that a member of our community – palmtoptiger – sent me the full sum to pay for the Soundcloud “Go Unlimited” plan!  Before that, Larchmonter445 also made a donation towards the same goal.  So we got it!  Full Soundcloud for a year :-)

Thanks a lot to both of you – this will certainly provide the best and most flexible option for the future podcasts.  I will still post on YouTube also, but I will drop Mediafire, 4Share and other lesser options are redundant.

This is fantastic news, I am very grateful and very happy!

The Saker

PS to: palmtoptiger and Larchmonter445: I am $25 dollars over the needed figure.  What shall I do with it?  Split it and return one half to both of you?  Please let me know.

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The Essential Saker II: Civilizational Choices and Geopolitics / The Russian challenge to the hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire